's Chatter: Now With Groups, Screen Sharing & Real-time Chat announced some pretty significant updates to Chatter at this year's Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. The highlights include support for customer groups, realtime chat, and enhanced integration capabilities. 

Chatter Now

In keeping with its longtime goal of being Facebook for the Enterprise, Salesforce has debuted ‘Chatter Now,’ an update that adds real-time chat to applications. Users will be able to see when their colleagues are online, and collaborate with them in real time with both a chat and screen share addition -- all without leaving their Chatter feed: 

Chatter Now screen shot

The update also adds the ability to create private groups for customers. Chatter users may invite people outside of their organization into these private groups via e-mail. Once the invitation is accepted, members of the group can collaborate, share files, comment, etc. in a secure environment.  

In an assist to Microsoft kids, Salesforce is also enabling companies to embed Chatter feeds in a SharepointMySite or TeamSite and share documents from SharePoint to Chatter. For the rest of you, ‘Chatter Connect’ extends the platform into other applications, such as intranets and portals, custom mobile apps and other enterprise apps.

Enterprise Domination's play to become the dominant solution in the enterprise competes directly with Yammer's endgame. The microblogging-based platform rencently made some updates of its own, leveraging the API in order to further socialize the CRM platform's data. 

“Salesforce intended Chatter to be a company-wide tool, but we don’t see that today,” claimed a Yammer spokesperson. “So what Yammer does is it takes the activity streams from Salesforce data and by integrating it into Yammer you can socialize data across the entire company.”

Chatter Now, along with founder and CEO Marc Benioff's newly announced vision for his company, may have just rendered Yammer's integration useless, however. 

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