Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 Lineup Priced, Chips May Get Dumped From iOS Devices

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samsung galaxy tab 3 price and date

Samsung's continued onslaught of the mobile and tablet market will continue with three models of Tab priced and dated for American users. But, having long since cast out Google from iOS, Apple is now likely to ditch former friend Samsung as its A-series chip maker. 

Pick A Tab, Any Tab

The Tab series has been on a sizing rollercoaster, with some four basic models of the first version, two of the second generation and now three in the third version. The specifications and features have long been known, but U.S. consumers eager to get hold of them have been left up in the air, until now. 

Aiming for the low-to-mid range in the market,will range across $199, $299 and $399 price points for the Galaxy Tab 7.0", 8.0" and 10.1" models respectively. Buyers can pre-order them from most stores starting on June 25, but they won't hit stores until July 7. That's a Sunday, so buyers will likely start getting them as they surface from their July 4th weekend festivities. 

The smallest model comes with a 1024×600 display resolution, 8GB of RAM and runs Android 4.1, while the larger two top out at 1280×800, both running Android 4.2 with 16GB of RAM. With the Note models covering the higher end, Samsung now has pretty much every area of the market covered and can continue to push its market share, more likely competing against fellow Android makers, rather than tackling the iPad and its mini cousin. 

Learning Opportunities

Fighting Over Chips

Meanwhile, back at the South Korean giant's factories, word is going round that Apple has signed a deal with Taiwan's TSMC to produce its A8 and A9 processors for future iOS devices. This would sever its increasingly fractious partnership with Samsung that has produced most of the processors across Apple's gadgets and endless device-based lawsuits.

Apple will be looking for even more powerful and cost-efficient processors to drive iOS 7, shown off last week at WWDC and its future hardware. The story, out of Taiwan's Digitimes site, would makes sense as Apple tries to move revenue from its rivals, having cleared out Google products from within the core iOS app and features line-up.

But with Samsung's massive chip building business, one of the few profitable ones in the industry, notable for RAM, Samsung can now focus on processors for its own products and for powering more rivals to Apple across the industry.