Although it's no stranger to Bemoko, SDL's acquisition of the mobile solutions provider means even better customer experiences for SDL customers. I had a quick chat with Ian Truscott, VP of Product Marketing for SDL Content Management Technologies division, about the acquisition.

Bemoko's Alterian Connection

It's not seven degrees of separation, but only two. Alterian, which SDL acquired in late 2011, had an existing partnership bemoko. That partnership started in January of 2011 (or at least that's when it was announced publicly), and consisted of the delivery of Alterian-based content to mobile devices via bemokoLive.

Bemoko helps organizations optimize content for pretty much any mobile device, ensuring that regardless of where a customer is and what they are using to view an organization's content, the experience will be seamless.

According to Truscott, there was a lot of organizational experience using Bemoko due to the integration with the Alterian Content Manager, and SDL was playing with the technology for a little while, so this integration has some background.

SDL did look broadly in the market at other mobile deliver options and while there was an existing relationship with Bemoko, it wasn't the reason for the acquisition.

Bemoko a Part of SDL

Personalized, targeted content isn't new to SDL, its blueprinting technology enables it to deliver content across a number of channels, including mobile devices. What Bemoko brings to the table is additional an intelligent deliver tier that ensures that the right information is delivered with the best experience possible.

Truscott told me that Bemoko was acquired for its technology fit. It has a similar model to SDL in how devices are managed within families and so it fits in nicely with the blueprinting technology and SDL Tridion WCM.

SDL's CEO Mark Lancaster says this is not about bolting on mobile delivery, it's about the omnichannel:

Omni-Channel is the next generation of content delivery, and the notion of ‘One Web’ is a radical transformation in digital engagement.”

 What we can expect to see is Bemoko brought into the Tridion delivery stack, as the delivery tier for everything.

Combined, SDL and bemoko will deliver the most progressive omni-channel web content delivery platform available - way ahead of anything else available in the market,” said Mat Diss, MD bemoko.” We are really excited about the future possibilities that will result from bringing our two companies and technologies together.”

The Time of the Omnichannel

Multichannel, cross channel, omnichannel -- they all sound like the same thing, but they aren't. The omnichannel is supposed to represent a truly seamless experience. That your experience with a company is the same no matter how you interact with them, whether it's in a brick and mortar store, via a website or on a mobile device. It's about understanding the context of your visit and ensuring that you are getting the information you require when you want it, taking into consideration how you are interacting with that information.

The number and type of mobile and tablet devices is changing constantly, it's a nightmare to keep up -- unless you have the right technology in place. Bemoko was created to support the proliferation of devices and it should help SDL build seamless experiences.

The fact that Alterian came with Bemoko integration means that SDL already had the integration in place in some form, this should be simply an extension of that integration. And that means it's already working with SDL "out the box", it's simply now an official part of the SDL platform.

As for existing Bemoko customers, it's business as usual for now. SDL is committed to supporting customers on-going with a separate standalone solution.