Seesmic Guides Salesforce CRM Platform to Android, iPad Devices
Seesmic is jumping on the social business train this week with the debut of a dedicated Android and iPad app for Salesforce’s CRM platform.

Seesmic CRM 

The Seesmic CRM application essentially brings Salesforce's CRM platform to Android and iPhone devices. Now, users can perform a number of handy tasks on the road, such as look up leads, contacts, related activities and chatter newsfeeds. They may also create and or update these leads, contacts and tasks. 

Founded by French entrepreneur Loic Le Meur, Seesmic was originally very social-media-marketing focused, as it helped users monitor and track conversation taking place on platforms such as Twitter. But recent moves highlight a new direction.

That is, Seesmic's latest activity has mostly been of the social enterprise variety. Examples include the launch of a deep integration with Chatter, as well as a US$ 4 million injection from Salesforce. 

The announcement of Seesmic CRM obvious falls inline. Here's a demo of how it will look on an Android device:

Sayonara (and Good Riddance), Twitter

We can't say seeing the company shift away from Twitter-platform development comes as a surprise. In fact, it's a very wise move at this point in time. With the release of its own photo-sharing service, new follow button and the purchasing of several companies (including TweetDeck and AdGrok), Twitter has made it clear that its interest in outside assistance is rapidly waning. 

Jilted developers, such as Twitpic founder Noah Everett, have found themselves in a bad sitch: “We never heard from Twitter that they were building a photo feature,” he said. “We understand that Twitter owns and controls the platform, but a clearer roadmap from them and better communication would have been appreciated by us and all the developers. We’ve always had Twitter’s best interest in mind with building and running Twitpic, we would have hoped the same from Twitter, at least in the form of better communication.”

And so, as Seesmic leaves behind an area that is much less promising than it once was, it enters one of the biggest houses on the block: Customer Experience Management. (Not to mention the mobile and social business hype as well.) 

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but word on the street is that Seesmic may charge somewhere around US$ 10 per month per user for the apps. Perhaps we'll hear more about that at this week's Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, where the application is being shown off.