Sentiment Analysis Symposium: An Exploration of Sentiment, Subjectivity and Sense
What once seemed like a novelty is now commonplace among the many social business solutions employed by companies big and small. Thanks to the analytics vision of Seth Grimes, many of the early developments of sentiment analysis found their voice at his Sentiment Analysis Symposiums.

Sentiment Analysis Engagement Grows

On May 8 in New York, we look forward to joining Seth and a slate of insightful speakers for the fourth Sentiment Analysis Symposium. The Symposium, known for bridging technology and business, continues to promote and explore the application of business intelligence that has become the backbone of all things customer experience, customer support, brand and reputation management, financial services, product design and marketing and an variety of other business processes.

This year, expert, authoritative, interesting speakers from research and industry will share with us their insights about sentiment technologies, how they are applied, return on investment, and how to choose from among the many available solution options. The symposium features: 

Keynote speakers:

Professor Jan Wiebe of the University of Pittsburgh and sentiment-analysis pioneer. She will speak on Sentiment, Subjectivity, and Sense, providing a leading researcher's view of the state of sentiment, and where we're heading.

Chris Frank and Paul Magnone, co-authors of Drinking from the Fire Hose, will speak about Emotional Versus Rational in Customer Decision Making.

Learning Opportunities

Other speakers include:

  • Professor Ronen Feldman, Hebrew University
  • Banafsheh Ghassemi, American Red Cross
  • Carol Haney, Toluna
  • Rich Brown from Thomson
  • Andera Gadeib, CEO, Dialego AG
  • Dana Jacob, Yahoo
  • Sobhan Hota, Fidelity Investments
  • Frank Cotignola, Kraft Foods
  • Michael Tupanjanin, Metavana
  • Dr. Stuart W. Shulman, Texifter
  • Vsevolod Gavrilyuk, SemanticForce 
  • Matt Sommer, MarketChorus Inc.
  • Leslie Barrett, The Ladders
  • Professor Bing Liu, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Romi Mahajan, Metavana

Topics & Discussion

The day promises to be full of rich discussion as speakers, panelists and attendees alike will  ponder topics that explore new opportunities and best practices for sentiment analytics and analysis.

Topics includes:

  • Emotional Versus Rational in Customer Decision Making
  • Multi-channel engagement
  • Social CRM use
  • Sentiment Visualization
  • Using Social Media Analytics Technology to Turn Measurable Social Insights Into Business Results

There’s still time to register! We hope to see you there -- however, we’ll be covering the symposium live, so look for updates throughout the day.