customer experience, Sitecore's Platform the Best to Provide Single Customer View?

The race is on for customer experience management providers. They want their technology to be the one that provides “the single view of the customer.”

Adobe, for instance, told us its Experience Manager does it like no other. SDL spoke about it. Forrester called it the Customer Life Cycle

Sitecore is touting it today. The San Francisco-based provider announced early access to the next generation of its experience platform including the Sitecore Experience Database, what it calls a highly scalable big data repository. 

Enter MongoDB

The capabilities are not revolutionary by today’s vendor standards: collect and connect actionable customer data to deliver customer experiences in real-time.

But Sitecore told CMSWire it’s got the best tools to help marketers view the entire experience of every individual customer that engages with their brand through the Sitecore Experience Profile.

“One connected platform,” is the phrase Mark Floisand, Sitecore’s vice president of product marketing, kept telling CMSWire in an interview yesterday.

customer experience, Sitecore's Platform the Best to Provide Single Customer View?

Powered by Sitecore’s new partnership with MongoDB, an NoSQL developer, the Sitecore Experience Database will feed customer data into the Sitecore Experience Platform. The former name was “Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform.” 

Sitecore said the NoSQL MongoDB is suited to support high volumes of data at “blinding speeds” and has “unlimited flexibility” in the type of information that can be captured and stored. The Sitecore Experience Database connects “seamlessly” with the Sitecore Experience Platform, providing a single source of customer intelligence.

No Integration

Floisand said the Database-Experience Platform relationship enables marketers to “communicate across all channels in real-time.” The database also allows marketers to glean implicit information from every customer point of interaction.

Learning Opportunities

“This isn’t a hodgepodge of systems that needs to be integrated,” he added. “It’s one connected platform, and the Experience Database is a comprehensive collection of information. There are no tradeoffs for marketers. They don’t have to worry about what data they need to collect.”

Sitecore is still working out pricing, Floisand said. It will be priced to scale based on the amount of data organizations want to host in the database. Sitecore’s expecting the technology to be available for release in July. It’s available on-premise or in the cloud through Microsoft Azure.

Sitecore sees marketers and marketing technologists using the technology, and Floisand stressed the need to marketing to work “hand in glove” with IT on customer experience management technology ventures.

“Both stakeholders need to be at the table,” he said.

Industry Recognition

Sitecore was cited by Gartner as a leader in web content management along with SDL and Adobe last year. 

Forrester agreed by placing Adobe, Sitecore and SDL in its Wave for Web Content Management for Digital Customer Experience. 

Gartner also noted Sitecore as a “visionary” in its campaign management Magic Quadrant. Sitecore continues to shift its focus, Gartner said, from traditional web content management to digital marketing for marketing organizations.