Social Experience Provider Lithium Opens Office in Sydney
Social customer experience solutions provider Lithium has opened an office in Sydney, Australia. The new office opening, covering that country and New Zealand, follows the recent launch of a Singapore office, which serves as the company’s headquarters for the Asian-Pacific region.

Lithium concentrates on what it is describes as “unlocking the passion” of a company’s customers. In its announcement, Lithium cited a study by the Australian industry research firm, Telsyte, which found that applications focused on social networking and media are increasingly popular among companies “down under,” with nearly a third employing such software.

Social Customer Suite

Lithium’s key product, its Social Customer Suite, includes engagement through online communities, apps for social conversations, modules to manage and scale social customer engagement programs, and analytics.

The Suite is designed to address rising customer expectations and the related rising customer service costs. The company said that, in addition to reducing customer service costs, its Suite can help brands raise conversion rates by up to 25 percent, increase sales by up to 2.5 times the normal spend, and drive the generation of crowd-sourced ideas that lower time-to-market for products.

In the Australian-New Zealand region, Lithium works with four of the five largest telecommunications companies. For one of them, Telstra, Lithium provides support for the CrowdSupport community. CrowdSupport enables Telstra’s customers to help one another, through discussions and posted questions/answers.

Brand Nations

Monty Hamilton, Telstra’s Director of Digital Operations, said in a statement that CrowdSupport, which launched in July of last year, has had more than 25,000 postings in that time. “Almost half of all customers using the platform have had their query resolved first time,” he said, “without needing to use an alternate customer service channel.”

This kind of community -- which Lithium describes as one of the “brand nations” it seeks to build -- is key to its strategy, helping to create what it calls “loyal customers that drive business value because they are deeply connected to the company and are invested in its success.”

In addition to corporate headquarters in Emeryville, California, and the new offices in Sydney and Singapore, Lithium also has offices in London, Zurich and Paris. The company’s social customer experience solutions are utilized by such brands as AT&T, Best Buy, Skype and Sephora.