SocialBro Integrates with Salesforce + Nimble for Lead Generation
SocialBro has integrated with Salesforce and Nimble social CRM to combine its Twitter measuring, monitoring and management capabilities with CRM systems to provide even more sources for generating leads.

Social + CRM = New Leads, Potential Sales

We’ve watched over the years as Twitter grew from networking centers to advertising platforms, and integrating monitoring with customer relationship management systems is 100% in line with this. Because Salesforce is so dominant in the CRM space, this move puts SocialBro on the path that literally dozens and dozens of other vendors have already taken.

Having a Salesforce integration with any social media system is more or less baseline, and they all do it for the same reason. Connecting with a large pool of possible customers is not that hard on Twitter, but the trick is turning them into prospects and then to customers.

Nimble, while not being as large or dominant in the CRM space, does have it’s own niche known as social CRM. Nimble debuted version 3.0 of its system early in 2013, and it focuses on highlighting the best opportunities for finding new customers among existing contacts.

The SocialBro Connection

Salesforce is already building momentum for its own Marketing Cloud, and it has tools like Radian 6 for social media monitoring, but this is clearly a more comprehensive system than something like SocialBro. SocialBro is totally focused as a Twitter monitoring product, but like many startups, it’s building out its functionality with these kinds of integrations.

SocialBro users can now link their Salesforce and Nimble accounts directly to their Twitter accounts inside the dashboard. Once authorized, Salesforce and Nimble can import contact information for Twitter followers that might be good potential customer candidates.

Followers who have the most retweets and mentions are a good place to start, and this segment can even be filtered by specific time frames. Take all of a company’s mentions in the last 30 days, for example, and then segment that group by influencers, followers and verified accounts among other things.

Profiles of this segmented group can then be more closely examined to find the best possible leads, and they can then be sent to Salesforce as contacts. The contact info can be edited right in the Salesforce connector if any needs correction or addition. For Nimble, this feature is missing, but it does include batch uploading of contacts. 

This allows multiple contacts to be uploaded at once from a given segment, and Nimble automatically deduplicates any contacts that are already in there. Both of these integrations are for SocialBro Pro users, and pricing starts at US$ 15 per month per user.

SocialBro is only focused on Twitter, and while that certainly narrows down the number of companies that may have an interest in it, it does have a fairly intuitive feel, and not too high of a price. The Salesforce and Nimble integrations should help the company convince a wider swath of customers to give it a try, and it does sound like it could be a formidable Twitter lead generation tool.