Can better social media outreach lead to better client satisfaction? A new study by Socialbakers seems to indicate that “socially devoted” companies can drive customer engagement by adopting more reactive and open social media strategies.

Socially Devoted to You

The Socialbakers research study revealed:

  • On average, companies respond to only 30 percent of social media fans’ feedback.
  • Local companies tend to have higher social media response rates than their global counterparts, with 40 percent responding to customer queries.
  • More than 25 percent of global companies have a closed wall on Facebook, meaning users can’t post questions or feedback.
  • U.S. based companies tend to perform less effectively on social media channels than their regional peers.

By studying how frequently companies respond to customer inquiries, Socialbakers found that those that respond to feedback quickly and have the highest number of wall posts on Facebook set the benchmark as being Socially Devoted. Using this as a standard against which companies can compare social media performance, it can be easier to gauge their progress as they take steps to improve their Socially Devoted rank.

While acknowledging that Facebook performance is only a starting point, Socialbakers hope that the study will encourage companies worldwide to embrace other social media elements, including live chat functions and platforms like Twitter, as a part of their social media marketing strategy.


The top 10 Socially Devoted companies from the new Socialbakers study 

Better to Be Responsive Than Well Liked?

While it’s notable that these companies seem to be the most responsive on social media, it’s not a coincidence that cable companies, airlines and banks are among the companies that cause a majority of customer frustrations -- a phenomena that can't just be limited to the United States.

What this suggests is that if you are in an industry that is often the source of customer headaches, it’s best to be highly responsive. It doesn’t necessarily mean that customers are satisfied, but rather validated. As we know from previous studies, taking complaints to social media is not always the preferred platform for customers. However, if they are unable to have questions answered through traditional communication channels, they will use social media to broadcast their issues.  

Still, Socialbakers provides a useful tool to find out where companies stand. Companies who would like to find out more about the Socially Devoted rankings can visit here.