Storify Teams Up with Adobe's Typekit

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Stority Teams Up with Adobe's Typekit

Curating news and social media tidbits with Storify is a handy way to create sharable, engaging Web content, and now the company has partnered with Adobe's Typekit to give that content an added dose of style.

Learning Opportunities

Customization Worth the $$$

Integrating with Typekit will give Storify Business customers a way to add stylish fonts to thier stories, and make sure they blend in with surrounding content on a webpage. Storify Business customers already have more customization options with custom embeds and ad free story features available. It comes with a US $70 per month price tag, however, so it is clearly aimed at publishers and large media companies.

Typekit is much less expensive, and for US $50 per year there are unlimited fonts available per site. Storify allows customers to pick and choose content they like from around the Web and embed that content on their own site. There's even a VIP version that includes custom CSS options for total customization, an option where the price tag will likely depend on many factors.

For those companies who need the extra detail to make sure their content looks the same everywhere, this looks to be a good option. Within a Storify account page, there is an Embed Style setting option, and customers will need to type in their kit ID from Typekit to connect the two accounts. From there, Typekit font menus for headlines and body sections will become available.

Storify Reports + Research

Storify Business customers also have the option to create private stories that are sharable only through a link. These could be internal memos, reports or even research notes. Adding the customization above could be a decent way to impress the boss with a spiffy report and standout among other employees.

Additionally, using Storify while doing research would be a good way to hone necessary workflows and skills to get faster and more in depth on production pieces. That might be a bit of a stretch, but it could be a good way to get a department head to spring for the Business account if they are waffling about it. Let us know in the comments what level of customization is needed on your website and why or why it isn't necessary.

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