U.S.-based tag management provider BrightTag is anchoring its expansion into Europe with the acquisition of UK-based SiteTagger. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Chicago-based BrightTag said that the purchase makes it the largest provider in the world of tag management solutions, with over 100 combined global enterprise clients. BrightTag’s own clients include The Gap, British Gas and JetBlue Airways, while SiteTagger had, among others, The Guardian, TimeOut and Allianz.

‘Still Early Days’

SiteTagger, which was founded in 2009 by Stephan Briggs and Paul Newbury, will see its founders leave the company for a new venture, the digital service agency Yard Digital.

BrightTag’s plans for expansion into Europe also include additional investment in client services, sales and marketing staff, and the appointment of London-based marketing technology veteran James Sandoval to the position of SVP and Managing Director, EMEA.

Sandoval said in a statement that BrightTag intended to add to its current European team of 11 “to help more brands realize the operational, site performance and privacy benefits delivered by a combined BrightTag and SiteTagger.”

On its corporate blog, the company noted that “it’s still early days for tag management, but if you think about the fact that this market didn’t exist a few years ago, things are moving remarkably fast.”

Tag Management Systems

A tag management system (TMS) provides tools for adding, modifying and removing digital marketing tags on a Web page, through an on-premise or hosted solution. Tags are frequently used to track and guide digital marketing on a site, such as for affiliate marketing, personalization, SEO, shopping comparison engines, or display advertising, as well as for site analytics.

A big advantage in using a TMS is that it can be administered by non-technical staff, so marketing departments do not need to wait for IT. A survey in April by Econsultancy found that “87 percent of respondents agreed that ‘effectively managing website tags is fundamental to digital marketing.’”

In addition to BrightTag, vendors include Tealium, Impact Radius, Ensighten, QuBit and TagMan.

The ROI benefits of tag management include driving revenue by increasing site speed and implementing new solutions quickly, reducing costs by saving on labor and responding quickly to legislation and privacy concerns, and improving effectiveness by handing over control of tags to marketing, saving developer time, and easily increasing tag complexity.