Tag Management Vendor Tealium Gets a New CEO, From Limelight

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A former Limelight Networks CEO is joining tag management vendor Tealium as its new CEO. The Del Mar, California-based company announced this week that Jeff Lunsford, who is currently on the Tealium Board of Directors, will come aboard in January.

Lunsford joined content delivery network, Limelight, in 2006 and, in addition to CEO, also served as president and chairman of that company. He was the top executive when Limelight went public in a US$ 240 million initial public offering (IPO).

CEO of WebSideStory

Tealium offers a vendor-neutral, enterprise tag management solution, which can be managed by marketers without substantial technical assistance.

The tag management system (TMS) provides tools for adding, modifying and removing digital marketing tags on a Web page, mobile app, mobile website or video, through an on-premises or hosted solution. Tags are frequently used to track and guide digital marketing on a site -- such as affiliate marketing, personalization, SEO, shopping comparison engines or display advertising -- as well as for site analytics.

Prior to Limelight, Lunsford spent nearly two decades as a technology and digital marketing executive, including serving as CEO of WebSideStory. That company was later acquired by Omniture and Adobe Systems, and is now part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. In 2004, he led WebSideStory’s successful IPO.

Learning Opportunities

Tealium's "boffo" Year

Lunsford has also served as CEO of TogetherSoft Corporation, a software development company that was sold to Borland Software. In addition, from 1996 to 2002 he was senior vice president of corporate development for S1 Corporation, which provided customer based interaction software for financial services.

Ali Behnam, president and co-founder of Tealium, said in a statement that Lunsford “is the perfect fit for Tealium.” Behnam added that Tealium “had a chance to work with him very closely at WebSideStory and we know what type of leader he is, and what type of results he can achieve.”

For his part, Lunsford told news media that tag management “is already recognized as a foundational layer of digital marketing,” and he praised Tealium’s “innovative technology, great customers and partners and high-quality investors.”

Tealium has been enjoying a boffo year, reporting over 140 enterprise customers on five continents and a competitive win rate of 90 percent this year. In the summer, the company announced that venture capital firm Battery Ventures was investing US$ 10.5 million in the firm.