Tag Management Vendor Tealium Points to 60 New Clients

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Is tag management here to stay? Enterprise tag management provider Tealium thinks so, announcing that it has signed 60 enterprise clients in the first half of this year.

The company provides tools for adding, modifying and removing digital marketing tags on a Web page through one line of code, via an on-premises or hosted solution. Tags are frequently required for digital marketing technologies or vendors, such as for affiliate marketing, site analytics, personalization, SEO and display advertising networks.

Web Analytics Comparison

Tealium, founded in 2008, said that the new clients include Nokia, News International, Vodafone Germany, Fox Networks Group and others. The company said its enterprise tag management system can avoid the problems inherent in the increasing number of Web page tags -- the cost of involving IT for changes, the repetitive process, incomplete tagging, errors due to conflicting tags and the impact of poorly authored tags on site performance.

Co-Founder Ali Behnam said in a statement that “the growth of the tag management industry closely resembles the birth of the web analytics industry more than a decade ago.” He pointed out that number-crunching for analytics originally required IT personnel to assess Web server log files, just as tag creation and management has previously required.

Tealium offers a Tag Management Console whose drag-and-drop interface allows marketers to add, delete or modify tags on Web pages. The tag management can be conducted without having to change the pages -- meaning that marketers do not need to involve the IT department.

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Enterprise-Level Features

The Console also allows marketers to see in one view the digital marketing vendors specified in tags, and to add vendors without modifying code. Vendors, which might include Facebook, comScore or others, can be added without the need to modify code. Additionally, the information passed to the vendors can be managed via the Console.

Tealium said that its console provides enterprise-level features, such as robust workflow and data management, mobile tagging, privacy compliance, a vendor-neutral solution, turnkey vendor integrations and a performance- and scale-enhancing methodology that does not require round-trip server calls for every page load.

With offices in the U.S. and U.K., Tealium said that its 100+ enterprise clients include seven of the Top 100 companies on the Internet Retailer 500 list and the top-circulation newspapers on three continents.