Take A Better Look at the Rumored iPhone Budget Color Range

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Another day, another pic of the supposed coat-of-many-colors casing for the budget iPhone 6 model that has leaked out of one of Apple's many Chinese contractors.  


Shine On Apple Cases

Hot on the heels of last week's line-up of potential iPhone cases, comes another snap with a blue and white model breaking into the limelight. If this is a fake, then its a pretty consistent effort, done by someone with a decent 3D printer and a whole load of shiny stuff to make them glow. 

The colors follow on from suggestions that Apple would go with a bright and breezy look for these budget iPhone models and the lack of ID marks means they're either total fakes or prototypes that could be subject to change. The source is cheekily described as our "Chinese weasel" on the French site they're being widely attributed too. 

Learning Opportunities

All of which makes us think it is time for Apple to announce and reveal these products while they are still just a final prototype to prevent all the obsessing over leaked images and tiny components that no one would really care about in any other phone. 


Game and iWatch

While it tries to expand its potential iOS market, by reaching out to those not in the running for a superphone, Apple is also hard at work bagging the iWatch trademark around the world. That and its recent interest in automotive interaction and gaming peripherals suggests a wider approach to encouraging users into the iOS ecosystem.

Expect a proper reveal around September time for an October launch with these, but with the iPhone and smartphone market rapidly maturing, its the new stuff like the iWatch, iTV and new features in iOS7 that should be the real talking points.