A UK government approval system called G-Cloud has given the thumbs up to the TERMINALFOUR Web CMS system for use in all public sector systems.

The G-Cloud framework is a government policy initiative of the UK's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) segment. Any government entity needing to shift systems to the cloud can go through the G-Cloud website for expedited set up and services.

Government Services in the Cloud

By allowing more government services to set up in the cloud, costs can be lowered and services made available around the clock. TERMINALFOUR already has a deep relationship with the UK government, and has been branching out over the last year to Australia, the Middle East, South Africa and the US.

In early 2012, the company released its biggest update yet with the Site Manager 7.2 release, and the G-Cloud seal of approval could give the company some added clout with other governments. That's because government websites traditionally require extensive security and reliability testing. With TERMINALFOUR being a newly designated G-Cloud offering, that kind of testing was no doubt passed.

For UK government entities at least, the newly available system in G-Cloud offers a fixed price installation and a monthly Saas model. It's quite a bit cheaper than the private sector versions as well. Because it's in the cloud, government entities simply log in to the G-Cloud Services 2 Framework, select how many licenses they need and submit. Non government entities in the UK don't have access to G-Cloud. 


TERMINALFOUR Site Manager 7.2 sample page.  

Government Websites Need to be Simple for Workers, Too

One of the added advantages of having a cloud based website is the public can have access to more government services, but government workers also need to have a simple system to work with. Vendors like TERMINALFOUR expressly design their Web CMSs to ensure non technical government workers can easily navigate and manipulate the system.

Any time a company like TERMINALFOUR can get some validation from somebody like the UK government, it means things are moving in the right direction. Likewise for the company's recent growth around the globe. It points to a company that is doing things its customers want and need. When it comes to governments, that's even more critical because the customers are us.