The Future is Now: Business Models Evolve at #JBoye12
Transitioning from a full day at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York to day two of the J. Boye Web and Intranet conference in Philadelphia not only means that I get to ride the rails. It also means that I get to apply knowledge learned about data mining and sentiment tracking to areas of mobile, SharePoint, social media and web strategy governance topics that will be covered today.

Find Your Customer's Voice, Listen to It

Though J.Boye may attract a different audience from the Sentiment Symposium, there is overlap between the two. Yesterday afternoon, panelists presented on a variety of topics that examined the many ways customer information can be uncovered through unconventional means so companies can not just join the conversation, but bring relevance to it as well.

Whether we were learning how the media uses user sentiment analysis from Ryan Sager of The Wall Street Journal or about the power of social media listening from Frank Cotingola of Kraft Foods, it was clear that the information we want and need is out there. It’s up to us to find it, engage with it, and most of all, learn from it.

The Future is Now 

Today at J.Boye, we were treated to the wisdom of Michael Edson. I first became introduced to . Edson, the Smithsonian Institution’s Director of Web and New Media Strategy, as a part of the OpenText purpose-driven speaker series. His message, though tweaked slightly several months later, still rings true: Sharing and collaboration is the business model of the future.

And business of the future is definitely alive and well at J.Boye. Its intimacy provides an opportunity to get into the nuts and bolts behind enterprise collaboration solutions. In the first few sessions, we learned how British Parliament became a mobile enterprise, how the city of Philadelphia built its social media footprint and how the National Gallery of Denmark made its art public, literally.

For those who are patiently waiting to stick a toe into the social business waters, you will have competition awaiting you. The time is now to start experimenting, collaborating and creating a business model that not only leverages the power of amazing and evolving technologies, but that leverages the power of the community around you.