This is the fifth in my series exploring the new Google Analytics Platform components in detail. For this article, I'm going to spend some time going through the mobile reports, a feature that Google has improved to show users some great information on mobile website visitors.

Overview Report

The mobile reporting section (found under the Audience Reports), is a great resource for companies to determine how many visitors are coming to their websites from mobile devices. This is a good resource from a general knowledge perspective, but also for these two considerations:

  • Do you need a mobile website? It's an important question to ask yourself. Are you getting a lot of traffic to your website from mobile devices that leave right away because your site is not “mobile-friendly”?
  • Would a smartphone app be beneficial for your customer's needs?

Consider the screenshot below, taken from the overview report:


You'll notice that this high-level report provides insight into how many overall website visitors are using a mobile phone, breaking it down between the basic answer of yes or no, as seen in the report. If you consider the “yes” row, this screenshot shows visitors spent decent time on the site as well as a low bounce rate. If your company sees results from the opposite end of the spectrum, it might be a good reason to develop a mobile website to help visitor's engagement with your web properties.

Device Reports

Taking some of this mobile data to the next level, consider the following two screenshots. The first is from the Mobile Device Info report and the second is from the Operating System report. While both are similar, the data is basically broken down based on device/operating system.




This report is more information that is good to be aware of for your website. But the take home here can also aid the mobile application development side of your strategy. In the screenshots above, this website received a fair amount of traffic from Apple devices, so developing an iOS application might be beneficial for customers.

Report Benefits

These mobile reports are a great tool to learn more about how visitors are accessing your website, and combined will provide some meaningful context to drive your decision to add mobile-friendly components to your online presence.

I hope you're having some fun using the new interface. Have a question? Go ahead and leave one in the comments below. In a few weeks, we will focus on a new report: Site Speed, and go through this report's key benefits.

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