The Best Customer Experience
New research from Forrester has determined that good customer experience trumps price when it comes to creating loyal customers. While you can't ignore price, make sure you are meeting the customer's needs first.

The Real Value of a Social Intranet
Social Intranets support the creation of quality work and knowledge sharing. In other words, social intranets cultivate high performers. That's something the traditional intranet could never do.

Getting Cloud-Ready
It's official, Yammer has joined the Office 365 team, bringing Microsoft's 3 key cloud services under one wing. EMC announced a cloud-ready version of Documentum and Dell updates its Boomi cloud integration platform. Should we take bets on what's on tap for next week in cloud?

Getting Started with Targeting & Personalization
Learn how to pair process with technology to drive deeper engagement and deliver more relevant experiences.
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