Sales teams for Microsoft's Yammer social network will join up with the Office 365 team, the company has announced, all the more easy to integrate the two technologies.

First SharePoint, Now Office 365

Microsoft has already announced an option for SharePoint users to replace the newsfeed with Yammer, and stand alone installments of Yammer will become available in just two configurations instead of four. Yammer Basic and Yammer Enterprise will be the choices for those who just like Yammer by itself, but Microsoft is now focused on those who need both Yammer and Office 365.

Starting this summer, the Yammer sales team will be subsumed by the Office 365 sales team, and the combined forces will start selling the all in one package around the world. That means instead of around 100 people selling Yammer, there will be several thousand Microsoft sellers making deals, a Microsoft Office News blog announced recently.

Yammer has gained 312 new customers since the Microsoft buy, and sales are up 259% year over year. Additionally, the company is hiring sales, marketing, engineering and customer engagement personnel ahead of the ramp up. Office 365 and Yammer are already offered together as part of Enterprise Agreements, so combining the sales teams was simply the next step.

All in One or Some for All?

As Microsoft moves its services to the cloud and starts combining SharePoint, Yammer and Office 365, we still don't really know what this all will look like by the end of 2013. It makes sense all three will be combined in some way, but how much choice customers will be offered is a big unknown. In the cloud, it should be easier for customers to pick and choose which features they want and when, but that's not always possible from an integration standpoint.

For now, Microsoft seems pretty happy with its customers' response to how it is handling Yammer. Once SharePoint 2013 debuts, we'll have a clearer picture of how the cloud version and on premise deployments' Yammer integrations may differ.