The Price of Crappy Customer Experience
According to an IBM study, US$83 billion is lost yearly in marketing thanks to bad customer experiences. Understanding customer needs and meeting them is hard work and we have miles to go before customer journeys are truly understood.

Employee Still Lack Collaboration
Microsoft did a survey in the enterprise and found 39% believe there isn't enough collaboration in their workplace.

Maybe organizations need to step back and really think about what their employees need to be successful. It's key to look at employees as people and figure out how to tool them for success.

Mobility in the Enterprise
Recent AIIM research shows that 45% of organizations see mobile access as critical to information management, but 57% would prefer to provide the mobile devices employees use.

Looking for a few good reasons to migrate to Office 365? Check out these 4 big reasons to head for the cloud. Point of interest: Office 365 subscriptions have reached 1 million.

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