According to a recent report, Facebook advertisements are quietly going through a redesign that will affect how they are displayed on the social network.

Facebook Advertising: Images and the News feed.

Improving the impact an ad can have on its targeted audience is the goal of any marketer and any social media marketing platform, which is something that Facebook appears to be trying by updating its ad features. These features appear to affect traditional ads, or ads that appear on the side of a person’s news feed -- according to Merry Morud of Search Engine Watch.

Over the past few weeks, Morud says that Facebook has been redesigning the look of these ads, which includes new image sizing options and news feed capabilities for select users.

Larger Image, Larger Impact?

Previously, Facebook's ad photos were limited a small 100x72 pixels, a specification that still appears when a user searches “what size should my Facebook ad image be,” while Morud says that she found photos have have to be at least 308x308, when the ad page is clicked upon it instead states that images should be at least 154x154 pixels. As with the previous limitation it also states if a user uploads a larger image it will be resized to fit the specified dimensions.

Facebook Ad Update

Although order to accommodate these new image sizes Morud notes that Facebook, who recently added Partner Categories to its ad platform, shrinks the image so it will fit in the allotted advertisement space, no matter its original size, which can cause problems.

[Facebook has shrunk] the image to fit within the dimensions of the traditional ad image specifications of 100x72, resulting in an image that isn't optimized for a traditional ad for the right column [which is] presumably 72x72,” she said.

A News Feed Update

Larger ad images aren't the only Facebook advertising feature to get an update as companies can now also choose if they want to use an ad within its news feed. If this option is chosen, unlike other ads which appear on the right side of the screen, have a headline then a text description and photo, these ads will put the summary text above the headline and appear directly in the news feed space. 

Facebook has yet to release an official statement on these new features, and it is also unknown when they will be widely available to all advertisers who use the site.

Title image courtesy of Pan Xunbin / Shutterstock.com