Act-On Adds Inbound Marketing Capabilities, New Mobile App, marketing automation
Marketing automation software supports a multitude of marketing functions, but Act-On Software has added one that many don't currently have -- search engine optimization.

Bring Inbound On Board

Inbound marketing tactics are pretty important to most digital marketers. After all, search engine traffic is a primary driver of visitors to the website. To help marketers keep a better handle on their inbound marketing programs, Act-On offers a new module in its marketing automation platform called simply "Inbound".

Act-On Inbound includes integration with Google Adwords, Advanced SEO and blog integration (integration with your web content management system, specifically WordPress and Drupal today). This integration allows marketers to pull together inbound, outbound andnuturing into a single location providing a centralized view of acustomer/potential customer.

When you look at the Act-On Dashboard you see a new widget with a few options:

  • SEO Advanced Web Pages
  • SEO Landing Pages
  • SEO Forms
  • Google Adwords Report

SEO capabilities have been built by Act-On itself and include both audit analysis and recommendations for improvements. Recommendations are what you typically get with many SEO audit tools: suggestions for page/template and metadata improvements, as well as suggestions for use of keywords within the content itself.

marketing automation, digital marketing, seo audit

Act-On SEO Audit

Currently Act-On integrates with WordPress and Drupal to help integrate Act-On functionality. Within each WCM platform you will see a set of Act-On icons in the blog's editor that enables a marketer to insert Act-On calls to action directly into content.

Act-On Integration with WordPress, Drupal,marketing automation

Act-On Calls to Action Tools in Blog Editor

The Adwords integration means that marketers can manage their Adwords campaigns directly in Act-On, as well as track inbound campaigns.

Act-On Google Adwords integration, marketing automation

Act-On Google Adwords Integration

Learning Opportunities

Marketers will also see search history in User Profiles, showing search interests and giving a clearer picture on what caused a user to convert to a known visitor. With this kind of information, marketers will be able to perform segmented campaigns based on search interests.

Looking for how much this new module will run you? Inbound starts at US$ 249/month which includes 1000 pages and 500 keywords.

Taking Act-On on the Road

Act-On also announces its new mobile app for both Android and iOS. With the new mobile app you get dashboards on the go: see campaign reports, view sales pipeline reports, visitor traffic and set up alerts.

Act-On mobile marketing automation app

Act-On iPhone Mobile App

In addition to the mobile app, Act-On has also introduced a set of mobile optimized templates, forms and landing pages to help marketers ensure they are adequately supporting mobile access to their campaigns.

Act-On is a marketing automation platform focused on the mid-market. It's seen significant growth over the last couple of years and offers core integrations with CRM platforms such as Sugar CRM, Saleforce, NetSuite and MS Dynamics, as well as ERP platforms. It also offers additional integrations through a set of APIs. 

Gartner says that investment in marketing automation platforms will be at US$ 4.2 billion by 2016, and we are already seeing significant growth the last couple of years as digital marketers look for tools that will provide as much functionality as possible to help them reach their audiences. It seems certain that Act-On is going to receive a fair share of this market.