This week was all about taking a problem and applying lessons from other disciplines to answer it. Whether the topic be the sales funnel, content marketing or facing the challenges of Enterprise 2.0, our contributors used their unique perspectives to tackle the questions.

If You Only Have Time for Three

1. In an article both esoteric and inspiring, author Deb Lavoy faces the true challenge that lies ahead for the enterprise: facing the growing complexity in our workplaces and our worlds in 'Social Business' is Only Half of Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 is not about social, it is about thinking very differently about what is hard. About what is impossible. About what IS possible. About your role in it, and about how a human chorus of intellect can help." Read more

2. Part of innovation lies is connecting ideas. Author Carla Johnson looks towards the lessons of software design and applies them to the challenges of a content marketer in her What Marketing Can Learn from IT about Content

A lot of marketing follows the waterfall approach. We take six months to build comprehensive plans and strategies only to find out that while we squirreled away in meetings and created long-tail documentation, the world changed. Today’s environment requires quicker adaptability and responsiveness." Read more

3. Turning to the natural sciences, contributor Mark Fidelman questions how the traditional sales funnel can evolve to meet the needs of today's customer, engaging at every stage in How Darwin's Social Funnel Transforms CXM Into Sales  

Darwin’s Funnel integrates social interactions into each stage of the buying process, allowing brands to make real-time adjustments to the multiple stages of a buying decision based on real-time feedback. No longer do you need to wait months for the results to trickle in while sales pass you by; you can take a proactive, social approach that enables you to fine-tune the funnel so that it is faster and more fluid." Read more

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