Super Bowl, Schmuper Bowl. The only game you should care about this weekend is the gamification of SharePoint.

Let the Games Begin!

1. Sure, this kind of game doesn't involve molten cheese dip and multi-million dollar commercials, but it gets a lot more work done: Understanding the Potential of Gamification in SharePoint from Christian Buckley

The purpose is not to create a big 3D virtual game out of your Intranet (or at least not yet). It is about using end user-motivating elements that are used in games and adapt them to a work environment. We are talking here about reward systems, smooth onboarding and hyper-available feedback loops where users always know where they stand and what they need to do. Read more

2. First time contributor Megan Murray throws down the gauntlet in her article A Question about Customer Experience, asking if companies are ready to do everything they can do to build a great customer experience. And it ain't easy:

To get to the promised land we've got work to do, and it's going to take more than a siloed tech team to do it. We’ll need the development and stewardship of a healthy culture with carefully crafted engagement strategies that straddle the needs of customers and employees, as well as the earnings report. Read more

3. From the sounds of Chris Bucholtz's latest, it's time to invest in a little soap. In his piece, Why Extending CRM is Critical to Meeting Customer Needs, Bucholtz looks at the new face of customer service, and finds that it is everyone in the enterprise:

In all things related to customer relationship management (CRM), don’t start with the technology – start with the people. The days when you could hide a curmudgeon behind the scenes are dwindling. Instead, you need to make sure everyone in your organization understands they’re there to serve the customer, and that they may be the one that makes the customer contact that leads to a sale. Read more  

While You're Finishing Off that Dip