According to reports, blogging website Tumblr will be venturing into the mobile advertising market.

Mobile Reach

As more users use apps and visit sites from mobile devices, mobile advertising is becoming an increasingly profitable market. Due to this trend and the growing number of users on both the web and mobile site, Bloomberg reports that Tumblr will be unveiling a mobile advertising feature in the coming months. With this feature, companies will be able to promote their blogs and posts much like how they currently do on the site's web version with post promotion.

Currently Tumblr has two main advertisement tools: Tumblr Spotlight which showcases influential posts on a weekly basis and Tumblr Radar, which allows companies and brands to promote their posts on other user dashboards.

The mobile app should prove to be monetized the same way via promoted posts,” said Francis Bea of Digital trends. “More traffic means more advertisers looking to promote their content, which ultimate means advertisers paying a premium for a spot on Tumblr’s mobile native ad units.”

Making Its Mark

Tumblr was launched in 2007 as an alternative way for bloggers to present their content. This “tumbleblogging”or scrolling format allows users to continually browse content and search posts based on hashtags or keywords, as is done on Twitter. For example, if someone was to search #socialmediamarketing, any post that contained that hashtag would appear in a scrollable window.

Learning Opportunities

As for the company’s venture into advertisements, it appears they are looking to a larger social impact. The company got over its previous aversion to advertisements, introducing ads to the site last May and with this pending mobile advertisement release are expanding on that offering. Despite going against their initial mandate, the company says they aren't going to be going the traditional advertising route, as users have to pay to get their ads seen by more people and can measure how successful this is by how many users republish or "heart" the post.

We’re not bringing them a template or format to complete,” said Lee Brown, Head of Sales at Tumblr as quoted by Bloomberg. “We’re giving them a canvas. That takes a lot of time and a lot of thought.”

With this in mind, advertisers who use Tumblr should alsocreate posts that are eye-catching as with the continual scrolling feature and even a promoted ad could go unnoticed.

The company's Vice President Derek Gottfrid told Bloomberg that they've tested the product internally and are looking for advertisers who want to test the product when it's made public.