Turn Videos Into Conversions RAMP Exec Says

Turn Videos Into Conversions, RAMP Exec Says

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Forget the cute kitties, hot garage bands and scantily clad men and women. There aremuch better ways to get members of your target audience to watch yourvideo.

Even better, you can convert those viewers into customers, and you won't evenhave to show your embarrassing skateboarding accident to the world.

Like almost everything else in marketing today, it comes down to customerexperience, according to RAMP President and COO StuartPatterson. Are you giving the viewer the experience they want, the way theywant it, when they need it?

Simple as 1, 2, 3

Patterson explained some of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) video company's core tactics this week in aone-hour CMSWire webinar about the merits of video content marketing, startingwith the three basic reasons that content marketers use videos.

First, he said, marketers want to increase their traffic to their websites. Second, they want visitors to spend more time on their sites. Last, butdefinitely not least, they want to convert those visitors into paying customers.

"Those are the primary reasons: attracting viewers, engaging viewersand  converting them perhaps, in the best case, to a customer," saidPatterson. "There's a lot of recognition that's building now around the possibilityof using video as the primary and most powerful form of content  marketing.But it's still nascent, it's still relatively new and a lot of people don'tknow how to do it and how to do it effectively."

Those who've cracked the code have reaped big rewards. In a company-conductedsurvey, Ramp'scustomers reported a 320 percent increase in unique visitors, a 40 percentincrease in average time on site and a whopping 10-fold increase inclick-through rates.

"Key to juicing" those numbers, said Patterson, is metadata, and "the only way to get the metadata into the video is to transcribe everythingthat is said." Just so happens that Ramp holds 20 patents inspeech-to-text technology and related fields, and each Ramp video includes abutton to access the transcript in a variety of languages.

Searchable Videos

The transcript has other virtues. For example, it makes the videosearchable, according to Patterson. Just search for "kitty" andit will jump like a spry cat to images of your film's furry feline. It can also linkto related content so that someone watching a video about your widgets can takea shortcutto a customer information page on specifications or, potentially, to an orderform.

Measuring the ROI  in video depends on your goals as a marketer. Maybeit's the number of people who click through to your website or visit your store.Or you may measure success in terms of social shares as the video goes viral.Any way you cut it, the shortest path to success is an enhanced customerexperience, according to Patterson.

Learning Opportunities

"We don't just play the video itself. We surround the video withinteresting controls that the viewer can benefit from," he said. "We also surround the video with other related information, which causesthe viewers of the video to re-engage or engage longer with your videocontent."


RAMP add features below the video  (left), and can also be embedded in other players (right).

Patterson acknowledged that technology pioneers like Steve Jobs found greatsuccess  by focusing on user experience. He feels his company has honoredthat tradition by creating a video experience called RAMP VX that was createdwith the goal of "defending and promoting the interests of people who liketo watch video."

Beyond the Video

Unlike the bare-bones approach of YouTube or other video sites, the RAMP VXincludes transcripts, ads and other info. It can also be implanted into anothervideo player without sacrificing its own benefits. A column on the right sideaccommodates contextually related content that ties into whatever  ishappening at that moment in the video.

That sort of engagement is what leads a viewer to fill out a bingo card and,hopefully, go on to watch another video, download a white paper or evencommit to a purchase.

"That's where the money enters the scene," said Patterson. "That's where you get anincredible return on investment in video content marketing. And it's where,potentially, you can even drive sales for your company."