Twin Prime Promises a Fast 'Wireless Mile' for Mobile Apps

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Idea conceived. Mobile app developed. Mobile app deployed.

This is where Twin Prime promises to make things better. Its technology makes mobile apps faster, officials there promised.

They disrupt the content delivery network (CDN) space better than anyone, including Akamai, who they particularly cited.

"Twin Prime’s software makes mobile apps fast," said Kartik Chandrayana, the co-founder and CEO of Twin Prime, based in Redwood City, Calif.

The mobile data delivery optimization company releases a platform out of stealth mode today. It also announces $9.5 million in funding.

"Fast apps implies happy and engaged users," Chandrayana said. "In fact, Frontback, a Twin Prime customer, saw that its users were spending 50 percent more time in the app, and requesting more images because they were getting data faster. Twin Prime enables businesses to build fast, responsive apps which make more money for them."

Speeding Things Up

Chandrayana said mobile has a performance problem.

"A poor mobile experience can cause a 1 percent percent drop in revenues for every 100 millisecond of delay," Chandrayana said. "What makes mobile slow is that wireless last mile -- the link between handset and cell tower. We spend 70 to 90 percent of the time waiting for content in last mile. Twin Prime is the first company to hone in on where the mobile latency challenges occur and solve it."

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Who uses this product? App owners within organizations that oversee mobile interactions with customers. The CEO of Twin Prime cited retail apps like Wal-Mart, travel and hospitality companies like Priceline and Hilton and large B2C apps such as Instagram, Flipboard, Tinder and Yelp.

Learning Opportunities

Twin Prime has built a patent pending data-driven decision mapping technology called GLAS that officials claim helps deliver customized optimization to every app and end-user.

"It is the only solution in the market that has the capability to intervene at the mobile handset using a component embedded in the app," Chandrayana told CMSWire. "This is important since much of the time spent waiting on handsets are due to wireless characteristics of the last mile link. Twin Prime is also the only solution that works for any kind of content since its technology does not rely on caching, compression or content modification."

Integration Challenges?

Do Twin Prime officials anticipate integration struggles? They said no. Users can integrate within minutes into existing enterprise systems. To integrate the solution for Apple iOS apps, a developer just needs to write one line of code to start using the solution.

"Since we require no changes to the backend infrastructure," Chandrayana said, "that is all a customer would need to do to deploy the solution. The Twin Prime backend automatically starts working with the app's network traffic to deliver results."

Twin Prime has 20 employees. Pricing is based on the number of monthly active devices in an organization. It’s a tiered model, with per unit flexibility built in for high growth organizations. 

"We are backing Twin Prime because of the company's strong leadership team and its technology solution," Bubba Murarka, partner at investor DFJ, said in a statement. "Twin Prime understands that each mobile session has unique requirements, and they overcome these challenges by automatically optimizing for every mobile session."