Typepad Adopts Impermium, Social Anti-Spam Service

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Typepad has announced they are retiring the in house Typepad anti-spam service in favor of Impermium,a social spam protection service.

Spam: The Unwanted

In any form of communication, spam or similar content has always been a problem.In the postal service, spam can come in the form of credit card offers, samples and coupons, while over the phone, telemarketers are always trying to sell one product or another.

Despite being a sometimes more efficient way of communicating, each day email inboxes and socials sites can be clogged up with the aforementioned product offers, discounts and other irrelevant or malicious content -- despite the attempts to stop it.

As a blogging tool,Typepad is one a site that continually faces this problem.

It’s a Spammers World

According to a blog post from Typepad spamming has become such a problem that it has interfered with the quality and functionality of its services. For example, in a separate post, the company said they are phasing out Trackbacks, an analytics type of tool that allows bloggers to track their posts, because spammers have been misusing the service.

Learning Opportunities

Spam is a very serious problem for each and every person on the Internet and using an industry leader like Impermium is one of the best ways for us to face it,” says the blog post. "We know spam has been making the Typepad experience less than ideal, so by using Impermium and their spam fighting techniques, we're tackling the spammers head on.”

Impermium: An Anti-Spam Solution

As an Anti-spam software and service provider, Impermium is dedicated to making sure a user's internet experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Founded in 2010, Impermium's main tool is the Intelligent Content Protection (ICP), an anti-spam platform that manages all user generated content on a website or webpage. It then filters out spam and other offensive content (malware placement, comment spam, hate speech and profanity) and protects against security risks (registration fraud, account hacking and information theft). The type of user generated content that is monitored includes message board posts, comments, direct messages, chat messages and blog posts.

Typepad says they've sent emails to their users regarding this change and that this switch to Impermium shouldn't cause any delays or lags with the system.