Video technology provider Unruly today released an analytics dashboard bringing cross comparison analytic capabilities to video marketing campaigns.

The Video Revolution

Using video as a marketing tool is becoming a common practice for many small and enterprise companies. Despite an increased usage, Unruly has found that many businesses don't know how to measure a video’s success, while those that do tend to begin measurements only after deployment. Unruly claims the advantage here, with data already in place on over 1300 brands.

Based on the company's historical video tracking technology, Unruly Analytics is a cloud-based dashboard tool that helps users measure analytics and social reach of current campaigns and compare them with competitor's.  

Specific features include:

  • Cloud-Based Access: Allows access to the platform from any device with mobile support.
  • Data Visualization: With Unruly analytic data can be presented in a clear fashion with pie, bar and polar charts and streamgraphs.
  • Historical and Real-Time Analysis and Metrics: Although Unruly Analytics classifies itself as a real-time analytics tool, it also has the abilty to collect data from specific time period; such as the past 60 seconds, past 24 hours or within the last year. Data that is collected includes total shares, shares by platform and total comments and likes.

There are two versions of Unruly Analytics available; The Benchmark Edition is designed to measure a company’s “social video footprint” when compared to its competition. The Campaign Edition, in turn, focuses on the company’s individual campaign by providing real-time information on its performance and ROI.


The State of Social Video

Along with this new product release, Unruly has also released its Unruly Social Video Report Q1 2013, a report that looks at trends in social video advertising over the last quarter, with a focus on advertising done during the Superbowl. The data was compiled using Unruly Analytics from January 1 to March 31 2013. It found that the two leading advertising sectors were CMG/FMCG brands and Entertainment, followed by Tech and Automotive.

According to Unruly, entertainment videos, such as movie trailers had 9,824,300 shares or 28.7 percent; a drop of about 1.3 percent. On the other hand DMCG/CPG ads, such as Budweiser’s Brotherhood Super Bowl ad helped elevate this video type 78.2 percent from the fourth quarter of 2012 with 8,668,203 shares.

Tech focused videos saw a rise of 3.2 percent when compared to the end of 2012, with one of the most common types of tech video being how to use code. 

Unruly: It’s all About Video

Founded in 2006, Unruly works uses video technology, such as the Unruly Viral Video Chart and now Unruly Analytics to help companies see and predict the impact videos can have, while also showing these companies how to improve viewership across paid, owned and earned media sources.