If you're frustrated with the video management capabilities of Salesforce, Panopto may have a solution. It just upgraded its platform to cover video capture, management and sharing in Salesforce.

The Seattle-based company claims the upgrade also makes it possible to describe and share video from any media source.

While Salesforce facilitates information sharing, sales communication, email prospective and managing other customer relationship tasks, it is more difficult is do these tasks this through video, an increasingly important marketing tool.

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Salesforce Problems

To find out more, we turned to Ari Bixhorn, VP of marketing at Panopto.

"What Salesforce lacks is a built-in way to perform all of this communication using video. Its file size limitations prohibit even short media files from being uploaded. There is no encoding functionality to convert videos for playback on any device," he said.

In addition, Salesforce doesn't provide reporting functionality to show who has watched select videos, nor is there a way to search the content of videos, he explained.


He said Panopto saw an opportunity to bring video to the communication hub that many teams are already using. The new Panopto Salesforce app adds numerous functions Salesforce hasn’t had to date, he said.

Using the app, organizations can:

  • Log-in to Panopto using existing Salesforce credentials
  • Add video attachments and playlists to Salesforce accounts and sales opportunities
  • Embed video content in email sent through Salesforce
  • Use Panopto recording and webcasting software from within Salesforce

Users will also be able to upload and share videos of any size from within the Chatter activity feed as well as automatically transcode videos for playback on any device.

Show Me

Video, Bixhorn said, is more engaging and expressive than text-based communication. It enables people to demonstrate complex topics visually, such as product demonstrations and on-screen tutorials. He said that the reason it isn’t used more frequently is because it has been a technology to develop.

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But video files are massive (a single minute of iPhone video can be over 120MB) and files are notoriously incompatible with mobile devices. Additionally, the words spoken and shown within the video have traditionally been impossible to search.

In recent years, these challenges have been overcome through the use of enterprise video platforms (EVPs) like Panopto. By integrating an EVP [enterprise video platform] with CRM systems, CMSs and enterprise social software, businesses can use video as an engaging communication medium,” Bixhorn said.

While the consumer and educational markets have eagerly embraced video, enterprises are only starting to explore its potential. Its use has grown with Facebook's support for video, Twitter's acquisition of Periscope and the launch of Meerkat. 

"In just the past few years, the enterprise market for video platforms has really started to tip. We're seeing more and more companies deploy 'internal YouTubes' for video sharing. Training teams are using live and on-demand video for professional development. HR is using video for onboarding. And marketers and sales reps are looking to use video in their CRM systems," Bixhorn said

With this release Panotop has developed video apps for Jive, Salesforce and SharePoint. However, there is more on the way along with new ways to use video across the enterprise.