Visible Announces SMB Solution: Social media Monitoring with VI-LITE

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Today, Visible Technologies is putting its SMB face forward with VI-LITE. An innovative and rapidly developing new area of social media, VI-LITE aims to bring the company into the rising small to mid-sized business world with cost-saving incentives and simplicity. And it's just as tasty as the original.

Good News for the Little Guys

Targeting what it considers to be “one of the brightest areas of social media,” Visible Technologies today releases VI-LITE, a compact version of its more expansive software made for small to mid-sized businesses (SMB), who are anticipated to show 57 percent growth in social media usage this year. The company, a provider of social media monitoring, analytics and engagement software and services, has also added engagement features to its Visible Intelligence platform, made for enterprise customers like Microsoft, Fed-Ex and American Express, along with V∙IQ, a social performance dashboard.

VI-LITE allows those with smaller scaled platforms to engage their customers and chart the impact without mulling through a seemingly endless pile of tools fostering a piece-mail social strategy or paying big bucks to have someone else figure it out for them. Braced for the challenge, the newest edition from Visible Technologies helps SMB brands to host and monitor more impactful discourse with their customers. The software comes with on-demand intelligence to monitor perceptions, gauge trends, and gain insight on customers and competitors.

It also spreads the company's influence wider in the field of social business, now able to assist all types of enterprises with their advanced technology.

Kelly Pennock, CEO of Visible Technologies, had this to say about the release:

Learning Opportunities

We continue to push product innovation for enterprise customers who rely on the Visible Intelligence platform for listening, analyzing, and engaging with consumers in the fast paced social media market...With VI∙LITE we’ve leveled the playing field for small to medium sized businesses by providing access to the same technology being used by large enterprises. A key to this is having a real-time understanding of what the market is saying and making better informed decisions based on social data."


Neglecting A Burgeoning Market

According to v3im.com, SMB marketing expenditures came in at about US$ 1.1 billion last year, and are expected to climb upwards to US$ 2 billion in 2012. However, as the article also points out, there’s a difference in merely using social media and using it well. Capitalizing on likes, shares and the enormous wealth of user data does not always come second nature to those new to the field, and many business are missing the boat even with the obvious. Constant Contact pulled together some new figures last year and found that few SMBs were utilizing daily deals like Groupon, despite all the attention drawn to the new IPO.

Thus, a company like Visible Technologies could be just what the doctor ordered. It provides a simple solution with enormous potential that assuredly was never possible in the past.

As marketing guru, Mark Harai comments on his blog, “You now have the ability to create content on a media platform you own and control for about the cost of a cup of coffee a day. What more could you possibly ask for?”