Want to Capture Customers' Attention? Act Like a Media Company

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I have a confession to make. I suffer from Customer Attention Deficit Disorder. I use multiple screens, devices and resources to make online buying decisions. Often, I load up my online shopping cart and then abandon the checkout process, either because I get distracted by something else or want to think about my decision to buy a little longer. The brands I interact with that understand my condition, email me and remind me that I left items in my cart or their site's cookies show related items in my Facebook feed. The brands that don't understand my condition don't follow up. Maybe these savvy brands are just enabling me, but according to Michael Brito, they have morphed their brand into the next media company. 

Your Brand -- The Next Media Company


In Brito's recent book, Your Brand The Next Media Companyhe makes it clear that brands can no longer sit idly by while consumers, young and old, incorporate new technologies -- mobile and social, alike -- into their consumer behaviors. Here are just a few stats he lists: 

  • 90% of all media consumption, or 4.4 hours a day, happens across phones, tablets, computers and TVs
  • 98% of the consumers move between multiple devices to finish the task that they started earlier in the day
  • 77% of consumers watch television while using another device to perform random tasks

If you're like me, these stats shouldn't surprise you. If you're an out of touch marketer, they should scare you. They should tell you that it's no longer okay to rely on traditional marketing methods to get the attention of your target customer. Brito says: 

...if you want your messages to be heard, understood and believed, then you have to fight for the attention of the customer. You have to put on your armor and feed the content engine day in and day out in every channel that you have a presence; and this doesn’t mean spamming the community with one-way brand messages is the right way to do it. If you can bring value and relevancy to your content, you can start to change customer behavior and that’s what it’s all about.

It makes sense, but if it were easy, you'd be doing it and you wouldn't need a book to tell you. Which is why Brito's book is very helpful in times like these. 

Learning Opportunities

Every Company is a Media Company

The sooner you establish a social business center of excellence, as Brito calls it, the sooner you can breakthrough the noise, reach consumers and change their behavior. If you're not there yet, don't worry, Brito explains the key elements that your company can adopt to get you there. It's a combination of content creation, relevance, and agile workflows that help your brand become onmipresent. 

Again, it shouldn't be surprising that mastering such elements requires organizational change that favors the customer and supports more collaborative marketing processes. It also empowers employees, customers, and partners to fuel the content engine that powers the media company, er, brand. 

While there is nothing new about what Brito outlines -- strong customer service, dynamic customer messaging, multi-channel engagement -- it does make for a very convincing strategy once put into the context of the customer, the way they interact and engage with brands across devices, and their influence among friends and family, as well as their social media followers. 

What this book does best is focus on content strategy and all the necessary elements that make your brand work smarter. Sure, it may seem as if you can transform into a media company, but the best media companies know that it's all about content. Without it and the governance strategies that regulate it, your company just won't work.  

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