Webtrends Brings Free Social Analytics to the iPad

2 minute read
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 A new iPad app from Webtrends offers instant analytics to marketers and site owners, bringing information on the latest trending data from your websites and social media properties to users' fingers.

Staying On-Trend With Your Analytics

Information likes to be free, and Webtrends is giving us plenty of it with a new summary app that shows users marketing analytics and insights, neatly broken down by site and service for your brand or product. Called Webtrends Today, it offers the power of Webtrends data and analysis, while being a useful tool for all digital marketers, regardless if they use the company's main products.

Data shown from the various social sites for your properties is based on live information, is neatly laid out and useful for sharing. Based on that information, marketers can tweak current campaigns, respond to changing events or plan their future strategies, as user activity evolves around a property.


Learning Opportunities

Analytics on the Go

The app uses Webtrends' Mobile Hybrid software development kit to provide visitor tracking and session stitching within hybrid apps and/or in situations where the App includes flows to/from Mobile optimized websites. You can see the different views on the Webtrends blog post.

Information displayed includes; visits, page views, new visitors, bounce rate, time on site and most current trending traffic among others. For the social sites, you can see who is talking, what they are talking about and important posts. 

Either as a site monitoring tool, or for a dashboard for your analytics efforts, you can't go wrong with a free tool that displays your information so elegantly. Perhaps it will look even sexier on that new Mini iPad you're thinking of ordering.