If you've been putting off your WebTrends deployment because it's too much work, good news for you. Now, you can deploy it using a single line of code -- thanks to a partnership with tag management solution provider Tealium.

Tag Management Made Easy

We introduced Tealium to you back in July of last year. It's a tag management system that works with a number of analytics providers, including SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics and DoubleClick, to easily deploy and manage the vast array of tags you need to monitor your website usage.

It's done through the deployment of a single tag from Tealium that then connects to a library of vendor tags. Once you connect an analytics provider to Tealium, you manage all its tags within the Tealium  interface including where a tag loads and the load rule. There's a little more to it than that, and you can read a bit more in our introduction of Tealium.

One of the key points to make is that this is a solution that marketers can use, it's not an IT tool. Which means deployment has to be simple. And it means you don't have to mess with code on the website to get it set up and to manage it.

And that is why WebTrends has welcomed the partnership.

This partnership allows us to have an entirely new discussion with prospects, who can be running on Webtrends with minimal IT requirements," said Jeff Clayton, Vice President, North American Sales and Strategy, Webtrends. "We are pleased to offer this turnkey integration, as well as the ability to help clients with their tag management needs through Tealium."

Analytics Made Easy

WebTrends decision to partner with Tealium will push it out to a greater audience who looks for easy to deploy and manage analytics solutions. And it's great for organizations who may currently use more than one analytics provider because everything is managed through a single Tealium interface.

Of course, while it's easier to get the tracking codes out there, there's still much work to do to understand what the data that comes back really means. At least marketing managers can concentrate on that part.

And this is obviously good news for Tealium, having a huge name like WebTrends standing behind its product. Tealium added US$ 1.1 million in venture funding this past January to continue to market and develop its solution, seems like they are putting the money to good use.