Tealium Lands US$ 1.1 Million to Drive Enterprise Tag Management Solution Development
Private investors have fueled Tealium's enterprise tag management product innovation with US$ 1.1 million in Series A Financing.

According to the announcement, technology leaders and investors who contributed to Tealium's windfall include Jeff Lunsford, CEO of Limelight Networks; Jim MacIntyre, former CEO of Visual Sciences and WebSideStory (now part of Adobe Systems); Joe Apprendi, CEO of Collective; John Vincent, co-founder and CEO of EyeWonder and Thomas Falk, an entrepreneur, investor and CEO of eValue Group. Ali Behnam, co-founder of Tealium, says the funds will be used to expand customer support and fuel product innovation.

Tealium's Tag Management for Marketers

Last year we looked at tag management systems. In that piece, the author explained how tag management systems provide a bridge between your marketing and IT staff by allowing technology resources to control the deployment and use of tags in much the same way content management systems (CMS) allow control over content.

In July 2011, Tealium introduced Tealium IQ for one universal tag managed by the marketer rather than IT. Tealium IQ's self-service interface allows users to add all their applications that use tags and manage them in one user interface.

Tag Management Market Growing

In a Forrester blog post this week, Joseph Stanhope reflected on web intelligence in 2011. "Although I haven't traditionally written an annual retrospective, 2011 was a particularly interesting year for the analytics community," he says.

Stanhope explains how tag management captured the imagination of vendors and users in 2011, saying, "This was a popular topic with Forrester clients last year because commercial-grade tag management technology addresses a pervasive day-to-day problem and offers exciting new possibilities for making analytics processes more efficient and effective. 2012 will be an important year for tag management as the technology starts to mature and users gain experience deploying and using the solutions in live production."

Tealium isn't the only tag management solution provider feeling the funding love. Last year, BrightTag, the company behind the BrightTag ONE tag management solution, raised US$ 5 million in funding, and TagMan raised US$ 7.3 million in funding last year.