Weekend Reads: Bridging the Content - Commerce Gap + Why Human Resources Needs Social Business
The work week has ended, and the weekend has begun — which means it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads. This week in our features, we took a look at bringing content and commerce together. We also discussed enterprise document capture initiatives and why human resources and social business are a perfect fit. 

Top Customer Experience Article

Brands may build separate brand experiences and e-commerce sites. But by making customers choose between content or commerce they are bound to lose some of them. So how can we bring content and commerce together? Jochen Toppe shows us how.

Brands now know that building rich content worlds works to engage customers and capture their attention. By fostering a dialog around the content and products, brands can build communities, encourage dialog and promote commenting regarding the topics which results in users spending more time on the brand experience. Separating this from the e-Commerce experience moves e-Commerce one step further away from the consumers’ attention."

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Top Information Management Article

Is your company embarking on a high volume enterprise document capture initiative? Wondering where to start? Look no further. Richard Medina's Enterprise Document Capture Initiatives, the Right Way has the answers you seek. 

The highly public and underwhelming rollout of Healthcare.gov probably has many of you reflecting on whether your own organization’s complex IT initiatives will avoid similar problems of scale and complexity. I can’t address public healthcare — but I can provide some help if you are embarking on a high volume enterprise document capture initiative. Such initiatives comprise the first stages of the most important business processes that many organizations have, so it’s important to get these right."

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Top Social Business Article

Human Resources and Social Business, words you don't often hear together -- but should you? Most companies continue to find more and more places where social software can be put to good use, but one area that doesn't come up as often as it probably should is HR. So why does human resources need social business? Find out in Stefan Pfeiffer's latest article

Social businesses put employees at the center — and that is one of the oldest and most essential jobs of the HR department. It’s not hard to think of many different areas where HR can leverage the work styles and communication styles of the social age"

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