This week was certainly a busy one in the customer experience space. We shared thoughts on the inevitable cashless society and talked customer journeys -- why you should be thinking of them and how to handle them in today's complex mobile, digital world. Over in Social Business we discussed the slow advance of social business while in Information Management we talked big data. 

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It's coming -- within the near future we will see cash become obsolete and marketers are happy to see this shift. Why? Because studies show that people spend more when they aren't actually removing cash bills from their wallet. So what does this cashless society really mean? Barry Schaeffer gives us his Thoughts on the New Cashless Society in our top article this week.

To say that living without cash has been the stuff of legend would be an exaggeration … but only a slight one. And the reality may come sooner than we think."

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Adoption of enterprise social media continues to grow but unfortunately the lack of efficient tools hinders the potential for Social Business. In his article The Slow Advance of Social Business, Toby Ward (@tobyward) puts his two cents in and tells us why the growth continues to be so slow. 

... most organizations are not truly social, just flirting with social. Many are playing with and even finding some success with a smattering of social tools, but using and integrating social media into most aspects of their day-to-day business -- inside and outside the firewall -- is still an evolutionary leap some years away for most. Part of the reason is the lack of money or investment."

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Although we may not want to admit it, most big data projects fail. In his recent article, Darrin Bartik (@simpeisbetter) tells us Why Most Big Data Projects Fail + How to Make Yours Succeed:

Big data is on the minds of just about everyone, with IT departments large and small grappling with exponentially growing volumes of both structured and unstructured data. But despite big data’s place as a mainstream IT phenomenon, the bulk of big data projects still fail, as organizations struggle to find ways to capture, manage, make sense of and ultimately, derive value from their data and information."

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