Whats New in May for Open Source CMS

Joomla kept its promise to release the latest version of its open source content management system (CMS) in April with yesterday's launch of Joomla 3.3.

The new version offers enhanced security, enables microdata for the first time and replaces MooTools-based JavaScript with jQuery equivalents. The company claims these new features make Joomla 3.3 "the most secure, searchable and fastest-loading Joomla CMS yet, ensuring the most efficient developer experience for Joomla out of the box."

Of course, Joomla wasn't the only free and open source CMS provider to make headlines last month. Hippo launched version 7.9 of its CMS last week. A webinar on what’s new in Hippo CMS 7.9 can be found here. Jahia kicked off the month with the release of Jahia 7, which offers a wide range of new features and functions.

And Fusionbox, a Denver-based web design/build firm, introduced its new open source product, Widgy. The company describes Widgy as "a heterogeneous tree editor," "well-suited" for use as a CMS, built on Python/Django. The company maintains: 

Widgy integrates with mezzanine CMS to form a system that is easier to use and has more flexibility than other popular systems. As a tree editor, Widgy couples with mezzanine to create and edit pages as if they were branches on a tree."

Fusionbox President and founder Alexander Groth the company's CMS is "not just an HTML editor" and predicted its "intuitive drag-and-drop interface will appeal to non-technical website owners who want to take control and edit their content."

So what can we expect in the FOSS world this month?


Alfresco announced the dates for its annual conferences. Alfresco Summit will take place Sept. 23 through 25 in San Francisco and from Oct. 7 through 9 in London. More information is available at http://summit.alfresco.com.

eZ Systems

Spring has sprung at eZ Systems. The eZ Core Development Team Blog was launched on share.ez.no, the company announced the opening of a new office in Katowice, Poland and the company is offering free 14 day trials of eZ LiveViewer, a real time analytics tool.

Later this month, eZ Systems will introduce eZ Publish Platform 5.3, the enterprise edition of eZ Publish. And on June 3, the eZ International Days will be held in Oslo, Norway. The event includes a business track, a technology track and the possibility for attendees to earn certification. 


It’s been a busy month for Hippo, including the previously mentioned launch of Hippo CMS 7.9, planning for the annual Hippo GetTogether as well as recognition as top CMS from Dutch publication Emerce.


Hippo CMS received a top score in the Software and IT services category of the Emerce survey of 100 best e-business enterprises in the Netherlands.

This survey, now in its ninth year, is published by Dutch e-business publication Emerce. Decision makers in the field of online marketing, IT and e-business are asked to score the achievements of e-business and marketing services providers over the last year. The service providers are scored on: knowledge / knowhow, price/quality ratio, reliability and flexibility. With 7 stars Hippo achieved a tied first place with EpiServer in the “Commercial” CMS category.

Hippo’s annual GetTogether — an event for all members of the Hippo community -- is coming May 16 to Club Trouw in Amsterdam. Attendees can expect a day of presentations on ways to bring marketing and IT closer together, followed by a boat ride around the city. You can register here for this free event.

Hippo will join some of Amsterdam’s most innovative companies by opening its doors to OpenCo Amsterdam — a new kind of conference in which companies exchange ideas in their own offices.  Past OpenCo events have been hosted in San Francisco, London and New York. 

And it plans to participate in Gartner's Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit next Monday through Wednesday in Los Angeles.


ImpressPages released ImpressPages 4.0, which improved both the core and the user interface, which is based on inline editing and drag and drop.

Additional functionality was created by optimizing the widget bar and redesigning admin panel and navigation. Plus, editing is now truly inline: it takes one click on any field to change it. The team is pretty psyched: 

When asked about the learning curve with ImpressPages, users state: What learning curve? If you know how to click a mouse, then you'll know how to successfully use ImpressPages."

The newly acquired MVC engine — with attributes including PSR, grid, IDE autosuggestions and repository — provide developers a clean and tidy workspace, the company said.

Since the release of ImpressPages 4.0, team has been working closely with community on debugging, making older plugins compatible with the new version and adapting themes. The company invites developers to contribute themes and plugins via GitHub.


Jahia not only issued a new release: It opened a new office in Chicago and presented its new release during Agora CMS on April 25 in Paris.

It also presented multiple webinars on Jahia Studio, a functional overview of Digital Factory 7 and the new Jahia Studio features. Next Tuesday, it will host yet another webinar: the Jahia Studio and Digital Industrialization for developers and System Administrators. Click here to register.


Sure, there was yesterday's launch of Joomla 3.3. But that's not all. Joomla also announced the election of Sarah Watz as the president of Open Source Matters (OSM), the nonprofit that provides organizational, legal and financial support to the Joomla Project.

As the first-ever internationally based president, Watz will leverage her years of leadership within Joomla to further expand the project — specifically its international footing. Other elected OSM board members include Victor Drover as treasurer and Marijke Stuivenberg as secretary.

Joomla also announced the first-ever recipients of the Joomla Event Travel Programme (JET). It selected 25 members from the worldwide Joomla community, representing 16 countries, to receive assistance with travel, lodging and admission costs to the upcoming J and Beyond Conference, which runs May 30 through June 1 in Königstein, Germany. The initiative supports volunteers and members who have dedicated time to make Joomla better and would like to attend larger Joomla events.

Once again, there are a number of upcoming meetings to add to your calendar:


Liferay released AlloyUI 2.5 last month, the latest version of its user interface framework. Used extensively in Liferay Portal and Social Office, AlloyUI is a framework built on top of YUI3 that uses Bootstrap to provide a simple API for building highly scalable applications.

The company plans to participate in Gartner's Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit next Monday through Wednesday in Los Angeles.

On May 20 at the Liferay Portal Solutions Forum in Amsterdam, Liferay will demonstrate new audience engagement technology, including iBeacons.


Magnolia 5.2.4 is hot off the press, offering a host of updates, including a publishing status indicator to the page editor.

The Magnolia annual conference is fast approaching. Featuring speakers and presentations, it will run June 24 to 26 in Basel, Switzerland.

Magnolia held a webinar on integrating Magnolia CMS with external frameworks using an HTTP API on April 17. The slides are already available and a video will follow soon.

The Magnolia team is working on another webinar, this one on how to deploy Magnolia in the cloud. Shekhar Gulati at Red Hat and Daniel Lipp at Magnolia will present at the event next Thursday.

Users can also download two new white papers. One explores digital government challenges and how a CMS could help. The other shows how easy it is to integrate anything with Magnolia.


Nuxeo just launched the latest version of the Nuxeo Platform, Fast Track Release 5.9.3. Features include:

  1. Integration with the distributed search engine Elasticsearch: This integration enables horizontal scaling of query capacity, for exceptional performance and volume scalability, and introduces a number of new advanced search features such as faceted search, faster full text search and BI integration.
  2. Collections: Collections are virtual folders that enable users to quickly bring together documents for specific processes or projects without moving the documents from their physical location. Collections are great for managing digital assets, setting up projects, creating personal work folders. Any Nuxeo bulk operation can be applied to the contents within a collection, and they can be programmatically created using the REST API.
  3. Nuxeo Drive for iOS: A new iOS app allows users to have remote access to Nuxeo Platform content from an iPad. Users can browse and search the repository while connected, and select content for offline sync. 

More details are included in the company's release notes.

This month, Nuxeo will be hosting the New York Enterprise Technology Meetup on May 14.


The TYPO3 Neos team and several contributors met in Rosenheim, Germany for the first big code sprint in 2014. They're preparing the 1.1 release, which will contain numerous performance improvements and the technical base for content translations as well as some bug fixes. Currently Neos 1.1 is in beta 2. The team expects to issue another beta version before a final release.

At the same time TYPO3 Flow will release version 2.2, which is also currently in beta. TYPO3 Flow 2.2 will feature an overhauled ClassLoader, some performance improvements and a lot of bug fixes. The team is already working on features for the next release, like improved resource management, translations and user access rights.


The XOOPS team is finalizing a fully-certified XOOPS version for PHP 5.5, the XOOPS 2.5.7, for release this month. It also plans to release close to 100 modules that will be certified to run on XOOPS 2.5.7 and on PHP 5.5.

The team is also working on the next generation of XOOPS, Version 2.6.0. It plans to have an Alpha 3 release sometime this month or next. But you can test it now. As this video shows, the download and a full installation takes less than 4:40 minutes.

"The XOOPS 2.6.0 has been already tested on PHP 5.6.0 Alpha and it runs there without any problems. It will be definitely the best and most solid release of XOOPS ever," a company spokesman told CMSWire.

XOOPS is also releasing a Theme Builder, which you can learn more about in this video