WordPress 3.4 Adds Live Preview and Embedded Tweets
WordPress, the popular web blog content management system has a new release out June 14, and it includes a live preview feature and embedded tweets that can be retweeted without leaving the page.

Version 3.4 isn't a large release, but the new tweaks add a few features people have obviously been asking for. Embedded tweets are a great way to add social media, and live previews save going back and forth between the preview page and the dashboard.

Embedded Tweets

Embedded tweets are more than just a widget on the side of the page that collects a Twitter feed. It's a way to quote somebody's tweet and it's also fully interactive. Embedded tweets can be favorited, replied to or retweeted right from inside a blog post. We consider that a nice little addition even if it did take a while for WordPress to debut it. Twitter debuted embeddable tweets a couple years ago.

Live Preview

Live preview, on the other hand, is a great addition because it simplifies a very common task. Namely, making changes to various looks and settings and seeing what they look like right away. Not having to hit the preview button and waiting for the preview screen to open is a good feeling indeed if you're already on WordPress.


Live Preview works for titles and taglines as well as themes and backgrounds.

No Denying WordPress' Popularity

We reported back in April WordPress is the most popular blog platform among the top 100 blogs. Blogs like Mashable (who uses WordPress, natch) obviously have a large budget for adding lots of custom features and add ons, but even for novices, there's a ton of flexibility with WordPress. Furthermore, about a year ago, we reported WordPress was powering nearly 15% of the top one million global websites.

WordPress v3.4 is available for download now, or if you're already using the system from within the dashboard. Along with the new features mentioned above, WordPress banged out 400 bug fixes and added some translation and XML updates. Internationalization changes include comma-localization (i.e. Chinese does not use English style commas), and the XML-RPC spec has been updated to support features like post thumbnails.