Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Keep Facebook In Check With Your Data
  • Social Networking Accounts for 60% of Mobile Traffic
  • Twitter Launches Embeddable Tweets
  • Social Networking Sites Need To Own Privacy, Says Researcher

Keep Facebook In Check With Your Data

With all the changes and loosening of Facebook privacy practices, it might be hard for some users to feel comfortable trusting Facebook any longer. This is a need that a new application is trying to fill. "Green Safe" enables users to export their profile into Green Safe's site and lock down the data as needed.

Facebook users have a right to be confused by Facebook's privacy policies. The default permissions allow updates and pictures to be shared out sometimes without any knowledge of the user. Also, certain Facebook apps now store your data permanently. All this is very concerning to Facebook users -- at least it should be.

If you've thought of deleting your Facebook account, perhaps Green Safe is an alternative you should look into. After importing your data into Green Safe, you can delete it off of Facebook and use Green Safe's Facebook application to expose it as you wish with more simplicity.

Social Networking Accounts for 60% of Mobile Traffic

Ground Truth, a mobile analytics firm, has released a study that shows just over half of all mobile Internet traffic is directed at social networking. This data illustrates the need that phone users have to connect with their social circle whilst on the go.

By polling 3 million U.S. mobile phone users, Ground Truth also has concluded that mobile focused social networks engage users more effectively than traditional online social networks. For example, Mocospace users spent an hour more on that site than on Facebook, on average.

Mobile users are surfing to social networking site with ferocity. The disparity of time spent on social networking sites and the second place category, portals, is alarming with social nets getting 59% and portals only garnering 13%.

Do you use your mobile to get in touch with your friend/family through social networks?

Twitter Launches Embeddable Tweets

If you follow smart people on Twitter, you likely have tried to quote them. This task has been tedious because of the nature of how tweets are kept from a technical standpoint. Twitter, in an effort to become more media friendly, has released "embeddable tweets".

With the new feature, authors who wish to quote a tweet just have to paste in a bit of JavaScript code to their blog posts or web pages and the tweet will appear nicely within the referring article. The next best alternative for years has been to take a screenshot of the tweet which doesn't look as acceptable on a standard web page.

As Twitter continues is march to mainstream, the company's move to make tweets more usable in online publications is an important step.

Social Networking Sites Need To Own Privacy, Says Researcher

Danah Boyd, a researcher with Microsoft Research New England, recently said that social networking companies must step up and better manage privacy on their users' behalf. Specifically, Boyd points to Facebook, who has managed to drastically confuse their user base on what information is publicly shared or held as private.

In an interview with Technology Review, Boyd talks about how Facebook has tried to adapt the service to better drive revenue. At the same time, social norms with respect to privacy have not changed, and as a result, the public is now in the dark regarding Facebook privacy.

Companies in the social sharing space should look to Facebook as an example. By constantly changing privacy settings and default, they have caused confusion and very bad PR. Since Facebook is a company that thrives on its users sharing information, making users feel unsafe to do so is ultimately a potential hit to their bottom line.