Automattic, the company behind and WordPress VIP, is adding social login via a partnership with Janrain.

WordPress VIP customers will be able to let their visitors sign in to websites with their preferred social network instead of creating a unique username and password. People don't have to remember more log in information, and the websites get deeper access to people's social networks and personalized info.

Janrain Fusion Partnership

Janrain is growing its Fusion partnership program, and the newest partners also include the Disqus comment system as well. Additionally, the company received US $20 million in funding in January, both signs pointing to a growing trend of websites' need to better analyze visitor data.

Fusion partners use what Janrain calls its User Management Platform, JUMP for short, to gather a unified view of visitors over different websites. The data gathered can then be used to inform the use of other tools like email marketing and personalization.


Login with one of over two dozen Janrain social media integrations.

WordPress VIP Publishers Get Security, Scalability

Because WordPress VIP powers so many media websites, publishers had been looking for a secure, scalable social login provider, Paul Maiorana, VP of platform services for Automattic said in an interview.

Janrain was at the top of my list".

Media companies make up the largest portion of WordPress VIP customers, Maiorana said, but other popular segments include governments, apparel and retail. All of those sites will have the ability to allow visitors to sign in from Facebook, Google+ (the two most popular sites), Twitter, Yahoo and LinkedIn, among others.

Janrain revealed an analysis of data from its platform back in January, and while Facebook and Google+ were the two most popular choices for people to sign in with, Facebook log ins had actually dropped over the previous three months.

Facebook sign ins had gone from 54% to 49% while Google+ sign ins had gone up from 25% to 31%. Going forward, WordPress VIP customers will obviously have different requirements based on the industry they operate in. For publishers, the most popular platforms will likely win out, and the social signals from those who log in will help them provide more relevant content to those sites' most engaged visitors.