Yahoo Buys Social Data Company Ztelic

Yahoo announced it has bought up social data company Ztelic this week after its second quarter earnings were released, and like Google, Yahoo got hammered on lower ad rates in the quarter.

Acquisitions Keeping it Interesting at Yahoo

Whether or not Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer can turn the company around, and regardless of how terribly Yahoo's ad business keeps getting, it hasn't been a boring year at Yahoo. That's because the company has been buying close to two companies per month under Mayer, and Ztelic is the second one just this week. Yahoo picked up Admovate in July, a mobile ads company.

Yahoo could certainly use help in mobile ads, but most companies are struggling with that issue, so perhaps Yahoo is actually on the cutting edge with that buy. Ztelic is a China based company, and it specializes in social monitoring and listening, but the company seems to have been bought solely for the team associated with it.

Ztelic's founder, Hao Zheng, is a former Yahoo employee in China, and his startup will seemingly close its doors now that it's a part of Yahoo, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Tumblr, Summly + Xobni Making Yahoo Relevant?

Yahoo's 2013 purchases of Tumblr, Summly, and more recently Xobni are three of the most importand deals the company has made during Mayer's tenure. Tumblr, obviously, was the biggest and the one with the highest profile, but Summly and Xobni, along with Admovate paint a bit of a murky picture as to where Yahoo is headed.

Summly has been baked into Yahoo Search, and it provides summarized snippets of results items. Tumblr, the social media/blog site hasn't changed much yet at all, and Xobni was just bought in early July. Xobni is inbox spelled backwards, and it's an email app that pulls in the social media data of email contacts.

While these are all refreshing updates on an aging Yahoo system, none of them really jumps out at us. Mayer has kept busy, but all these buys just kind of seem like noise.