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Yahoo Small Business customers now have an new integrated online marketing dashboard to play with. Yahoo hopes to stay relevant with small businesses as big data begins to affect every sector of the online marketing world.

That's why the free and paid versions of Yahoo's new marketing dashboard include traffic and campaign management tools and reputation management features that can pull in stats from nearly 8,000 sources including social media sites.

The Importance of Reputation

Because of the explosion of communications data on the Web, even small businesses can take advantage of the most basic marketing tools. What else could explain the power of websites like Yelp? Even people who don't take those reviews seriously still use the site to find basic information like hours of operation and whether the business is cash only or not. Small businesses need to take advantage of those kinds of opportunities, and if they're using Yahoo Small Business, it's the kind of data they can easily work with.


Manage your brand across search engines and directories with Yahoo's new dashboard marketing tools.

With the reputation manager, it's easy to track business listings (beyond Yelp), see reviews, find mentions on social media and watch for the keywords that people know your brand for. Additionally, the paid version gives access to competitor info and adds email alerts when your business is mentioned. Those positive mentions can then be used in email campaigns or shared over Facebook and Twitter.

Campaign Tracking and Visibility

The upgrade to Local Visibility Pro adds the ability to send your business info to 100 directories and search engines at the same time, a real time-saver. Other tools include Constant Contact for email campaigns and tracking results. See the total number of messages sent, click-throughs and open rates, for example.  

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Get social with Yahoo's dashboard tools, and track online sentiments and mentions.

Yahoo's Orange Soda tool allows customers to better manage search engine marketing. See metrics for pay-per-click campaigns and better manage sales and prospects. It also adds SEO metrics, a prime way to gain momentum in any marketing campaign.

Yahoo is in a bit of a tailspin these days, laying off workers from popular brands like Flickr. But, new CEO Scott Thompson has sworn the company's devotion to its customers and advertisers, so it's not all bad for niche customers like SMBs. Tell us in the comments if you think this is one area Yahoo is doing a decent job in or if you advise customers to be extra cautious here.