Your Inbox in Real-time! Movable Ink Syncs E-mail Content with Website Content

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Countless Web kids have been asserting the death of e-mail for some time now, but my inbox hardly ever fails to bog me down. Confused? Vivek Sharma, co-founder and CEO if Movable Ink, explains it like this: “E-mail isn’t going away but it should be as real-time as the web." Accordingly, his solution provides a way to push e-mails that display  current information-- regardless of the time they're opened. 

Movable Ink 

Even though it may sound like it, it's not magic. The secret sauce is made up of real-time information that clients pull from their websites and embed into e-mails. This way, the information displayed whenever someone opens a message is the most up-to-date, reflecting changes that have happened throughout the day/week. etc. 

“It was just an a-ha moment because no one’s really innovating in the e-mail space,” said Sharma. “It turns out real-time content delivery is a real problem and we’re talking to some large e-mail providers to make this is a part of their products.”

The Golden Ticket

Campaigns begin to go stale the moment they're sent, so for digital marketers this is obviously golden. Groupon, for instance, which uses e-mail as a primary platform for communicating deals with its users, could benefit if consumers knew that a deal advertised on Friday would make sense the following Monday if he or she chose to ignore their inbox for the weekend.  

Here's an example e-mail: 

MI Example email.JPG

Learning Opportunities

As you can see, Movable Ink can feature a ton of handy real-time info, such as the amount of time left on a deal, local maps based on where a user is when the e-mail is opened, which friends bought the deal, and live tweets. 

Ready for the Picking

I have a very strong feeling that the majority of the Web world would prefer a tool that makes e-mail more relevant than the idea of doing away with it altogether, so it's going to be interesting to see how time treats Movable Ink and companies like it. 

Google has done some similar work in this area by making YouTube videos and Picasa and Flickr streams embeddable in e-mails, but the angle Sharma and his team are coming from keeps the content fresh. For now, pricing is as listed below. How long do you think it's going to be before an acquisition is made?