ADAM Releases New Web CMS Studio, Workflow Solutions
ADAM Software (news, site), with help from Belgian partner Stylelabs, unveils its CMS Studio for templated, modular design and third-party support for existing code or information.

ADAM Expands Its Studio Line

ADAM has been doing well in the digital asset management space for years. However, as features and products expand, the line between types of software continues to narrow. In response, CMS Studio has sprung into life from a partnership with Stylelabs to provide a content management-layer over the ADAM platform.

CMS Studio joins the recently updated Workflow Studio and its other family of titles, Config Studio, Asset Studio and PIMS Studio for a coherent range of asset and web management tools. Now, clients need not hunt for other providers to put a web-face on their DAM content. The result gives you the benefit of versioning, rights management, a full-blown media engine framework and a built-in BPMS suite.


Adam follows the simple but effective design mode

Inside CMS Studio

CMS Studio puts an administration interface over the existing ADAM platform. This allows users to create sites, linking to assets or other data stored within ADAM and content added using the CMS. Among the features are:

  • Template-based design for easier site creation and standardized pages
  • A form builder to create interactive elements
  • RSS and news modules for frequently updated content

All of this allows users to publish their assets from DAM to the web for customers, clients or the browsing public.

To prevent slowdown in communication between the CMS and the DAM store, CMS Studio uses intelligent caching optimized for output when data is requested. It uses ASP.NET object caching and can refresh the cache in a granular way or as a single module. This means that if you change the contents of a module, the CM will only partially update the cache of a page, while maintaining security.

Third-party integration via .NET controls allows tools or controls to be added to sites. Further updates will include a full blown article creation module with multichannel content publishing and content relations, plus an ADAM workflow for content approval module.


Adam adds a CMS to its DAM arsenal

What's In the New Workflow Studio

Version 1.8 of ADAM's business process management platform, Workflow Studio, offers a host of new toys. Using an API, the ADAM platform and Workflow Studio can integrate with almost any existing data source. This will help a company link its customer relations or enterprise resource systems into ADAM, advancing the level of detail the workflow planning tools can access. 

Multitenancy is a big new feature, allowing one company to handle data for others in protected virtual applications. Integration with other workflow tools such as the latest AgilePoint engine is also included.

The update will be available starting April 15 and process-heads interested can sign up for a webinar with ADAM's Serge Bonehill, covering design workflow and process management among other topics.