ADAM Software Partners with ConceptShare to Address Cross-media Collaboration

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Media workflow/marketing solutions provider ADAM Software is partnering with collaboration platform vendor ConceptShare to develop cross-media collaboration solutions. The companies hope to aid marketers in communicating faster and more efficiently around media files.

Getting the Most DAM Value

As part of the collaboration, ADAM Software will embed ConceptShare’s creative review and approval functionality into its Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. This functionality enables users to place visual cues, written comments, and highlights, shapes and other markups directly into print, web and video content.

The companies say enabling marketers to collaboratively place advanced annotation into content across different platforms will improve the efficiency and reduce costs of developing marketing materials, especially when teams have members in different physical locations.

ADAM Software is DAM Serious

ADAM’s integration of its DAM platform with ConceptShare is the latest partnership with a vendor who offers collaborative review functionality. In October 2010, ADAM linked DAM to Adobe’s Creative Suite 5, enabling users to manage images and text without leaving the application. In September 2008, ADAM released a SharePoint connector.

These types of partnerships appear to pay dividends. In May 2011, CMSWire reported ADAM software had undergone impressive 72% annual growth for the previous two years and was planning to hire 18 new employees, mostly in the areas of quality assurance and business development.

Learning Opportunities

The DAM Situation is Changing

The new ADAM Software-ConceptShare partnership illustrates a point made in an article posted on CMSWire last month about a need among DAM users to move beyond “image libraries” and toward “interconnected hub(s)… at the heart of their digital media operations.”

This is leading DAM providers away from trying to develop in-house solutions that offer all the collaboration and review features today’s DAM users want, and toward integration with tools and applications that add these capabilities to the core DAM system.

Why Marketers Pay DAM Attention 

Why are marketers placing this increasing focus on getting more functionality out of their DAM systems, without having to leave behind creative and collaborative tools they are already familiar and comfortable with? As stated in another recent CMSWire piece on the evolution of DAM,

Marketers must break through the day-to-day noise of the Internet to reach multiple customer segments with attention-grabbing and fresh content. As a result, organizations have created digital assets at a breakneck pace with the hopes of delivering an engaging and relevant experience.”

And that breakneck pace is much easier and cheaper to keep up if marketers don’t have to implement an enterprise-type DAM system that duplicates the functions of a lot of collaboration and review tools they already have, but instead can easily integrate a best-of-breed-style solution that neatly places digital asset management into their broader digital media management toolset.