Autonomy Upgrades MediaBin, Adds Meaning To Social Media Assets

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Autonomy Upgrades MediaBin, Adds Meaning To Social Media Assets
When Autonomy (news, site) bought Interwoven (news, site) in January 2009, it also bought its flagship digital asset management platform MediaBin. Last June MediaBin was released in version 7 and this week it got a makeover as v7.1.

The focus of MediaBin 7 was the added ability to find meaning deep within video and image files and extract highly detailed metadata from them using Autonomy's Deep Video Indexing technology. Version 7.1 takes this a step further with some notable enhancements.

In particular, it extends that ability to search rich media assets in internal and external content repositories including social media, blogs and video.It also identifies the most relevant assets related to both the search queries and the market segment the client company is working in and delivers them for any marketing campaigns, even mobile campaigns.

This upgrade is not just about delivering assets though, it’s also about improving the user experience through a redesigned user interface which, in a nod to markets other than English-speaking markets, includes search across multinational repositories.

MediaBin Version 7

With MediaBin v7 Autonomy introduced a system that was capable of deriving an understanding of audio and video images by leveraging Autonomy’s Meaning Based Computing (MBC) technology.

By automatically identifying and extracting key concepts in the rich media assets themselves it can deliver -- amongst other functions -- advanced analytics, automatic categorization, dynamic content associations and business processes.

Assets, as a result now can be viewed in context with other content under management, both within the extended enterprise, across social networks and across an internet search.

Essentially, what MediaBin 7 does is find meaning in assets using Autonomy's Deep Video Indexing technology. This is done during the ingestion process and dispels with costly manual meta-tagging, which apart from the costs, cannot provide as much detail as the indexing can.

Workflows In The Bins

Using Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) which automates the processing of all rich media assets, MediaBin 7.1 workflows have been upgraded to give users access to any kind of rich assets no matter where they reside.

IDOL automatically takes new content from internal and identified external repositories, indexes it and makes it available for whatever workflows are being used, including content that resides in Personal Information Manager systems, Product Lifecycle Management systems and Electronic Resource Planning systems.

Learning Opportunities

It can also take content from external social media sources where client reaction and activities around a particular product can be identified giving users deeper understanding of customers and trends that can be acted upon.

Searching Video Content

For management and use of video, Automony has added another enhancement. Working on the premise that it is not enough to simply know what video assets a company has, it has added a “watch and listen” function.

This means that video is automatically converted to text so that a list of words and phrases can be used in search to find out exactly where they fall in the video as well as relating those words and phrases to other assets where they are used.

Better Looking Bins

The final enhancement makes MediaBin easier to use, not just in English but also in other languages. This compliments MediaBin’s media syndication ability which automatically updates dispersed teams on asset content and changes that are applied to assets globally.

Using Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in the newly designed user interface, users can now manage content and assets, including digital assets, graphics and image formats of all kinds directly from the interface making it easier to see and act upon assets as soon as they enter the system.

Designed specifically with marketing users in mind v7.1 is not a huge step forward from v7. However, the enhancements here combined with those that were introduced with v7 make it an extremely adaptable and flexible digital asset management system that is likely to find quite a number of new followers if only because of its social media asset search abilities.