ADAM Software North American SaaS Partner BrandActive
BrandActive, a consultancy specializing in brand planning and management, has teamed up with ADAM to provide digital asset management services. ADAM, most recently known for its SharePoint connector, is a hosted DAM service that allows creative agencies, companies and other stakeholders to manage and deliver media between stakeholders. ADAM software can either be run at on-site in a company's data center or as a hosted, Software-as-a-Service model. According to Philip Guiliano of BrandActive, clients stand to benefit from the new service offering. He goes on to say, "The introduction of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Digital Asset Management (DAM) offering, with ADAM as the platform, is a natural fit for BrandActive’s clients as it will not only enhance the level of service we provide in managing physical brand transitions, but also enable us to deliver a completely customizable, highly-valuable tool for ongoing brand management without the complexities, limitations and costs associated with an on-site installation." By combining their services, ADAM and BrandActive deliver a one-two punch for companies and organizations looking to deliver a consistent and powerful brand powered by a proven hosted software platform.