Canto Announces Cumulus 9: Updates UI, Content Sharing and Server Performance

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Digital asset management provider Canto has announced that version 9 of its Cumulus software will be out next month. The new release includes an updated interface, more content sharing features, cloud-based video management and enhanced server performance. 

The newest Cumulus follows by a few weeks the company’s 20th anniversary and rebranding of its corporate design and website. Although containing no blockbusting new directions, the update adds features to this workhorse DAM solution in several key areas. The new version will be available at an unspecified time in October, as either an on-premises or cloud-hosted solution.

UI, Upload Links

A new Web client user interface in v9 provides what the company calls “a consumer-based user experience.” Canto Product Manager Carsten Hesse said in a statement that version 9 is “designed to give end-users a clean, modern interface expected from today’s software systems, without sacrificing the sophisticated context-sensitive intelligence required of a world-class digital asset management solution.”

Cumulus 9 Dashboard.png

The updated Cumulus 9 Dashboard

Upload links can now be sent by Cumulus users to any outside collaborator so they can drag and drop files right into the application, without having a Cumulus account.

Learning Opportunities

The idea is that outside creatives, for instance, could put their files directly into the system, a function that enhances the trend toward collaboration both inside and outside the DAM software. The outsider opens the link sent by a Cumulus account holder, and then files can be dragged and dropped into the resulting window for uploading.

Cumulus Video Cloud Updates

The Cumulus Video Cloud offers extended video handling capabilities for tagging, searching, cataloging, conversion and global streaming. The Cloud-based converter can convert uploaded video files with one click as well as provide download links, and Video Streaming from the Cloud detects a user’s device and connection speed to optimize viewing. In January, Canto announced the availability of Cumulus as a cloud-based solution, and these are among the first new features for that option.

There’s also an updated workflow management UI for RoboFlow and server enhancements that can boost performance as much as 30 percent.