DAM Lowdown: Cloud Brokerage, Marketing Asset Management, DAM Stew

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The DAM Lowdown returns with the latest in the world of digital asset management: Cloud Brokerage is Coming Soon, A Focus on Marketing Asset Management, DAM Events, DAM Stew and the Twitter Shout-out of the Week.

Cloud Brokerage Coming Soon

Naresh Sarwan, one of my favorite commentators in the DAM space, writes at DAMNEWS about a soon-to-exist phenomenon called "Cloud Brokerage". Using an excellent piece by Stacey Higginbotham as inspiration, Sarwan discusses the issues and risks associated with "the proposition that cloud providers might become one-stop shops for all computer resources, including short term human resourcing."

As if we weren't meta enough already, Ms. Higginbotham based her article on a recent report from our friends at Forrester. Without diving too deep into the research from Forrester, the research giant was kind enough to offer this extremely detailed infographic to help explain the cloud broker business model.


The Full Cloud Broker Business Model

Sarwan goes on to relate the idea of cloud brokerage to the digital asset management industry. Like many technological innovations, cloud brokerage is well-suited to the more simple requirements of DAM. But, as the complexity goes up, the flexibility and feasibility of cloud brokerage for DAM goes down.

AFocus on Marketing Asset Management

I have touched on marketing asset management in the previous editions of the lowdown, and this week there are several articles focusing on the relationship between marketing and digital asset management.

  • First of all, G. David Dodd writes at B2B Marketing Directions about how marketing asset management improves marketing results. The most interesting part of this piece was the discussion of obsolescence vs relevance with regard to marketing materials.
  • Next, DAM Lowdown regular Widen shares a blog post suggesting that the usage of marketing asset management tools alongside a digital asset management solution indicates a more mature organization.
  • Furthermore, Naresh Sarwan points us towards a piece by Jeremy Sohn outlining three challenges for today's marketers with regard to media management overload and how to turn those challenges into opportunities.
  • Lastly, another blog post from Widen lists 5 ways that digital asset management is connected to all your marketing priorities.

DAM Events

This week we have an update to a previously mentioned event and two webinars for those less keen on travel:

DAM Stew

Do you remember when I called this section "Quick Hits"? Me neither.

This week's serving of the Stew starts with a bowl of video before we dig into a plateful of news and notes.

Video Stew

From the DAM Learning Center, we have an oldie but a goodie: How to Import Metadata into Your Digital Asset Management System

Sent to us by the star of last week's Lowdown -- Nicolas JimenezBenefits of Digital Asset Management

ADAM Software Wins a Prestigious Award

For thought leadership and innovation in the global digital asset management market, ADAM Software has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2011 Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award in Digital Asset Management

GlobalLogic Teams with Sample Digital to Launch iPad App

GlobalLogic takes the dax|D3 platform from Sample Digital -- used to stream encrypted HD media from the cloud and enable navigation through multiple content types --  and creates an iPad application to allow filmmakers to approve and review film clips for in-progress productions.

Learning Opportunities

KIT digital Reports Record Q2 2011 Results

My three favorite highlights from the earnings announcement of Lowdown regular KIT Digital:

  • Revenue up 40% sequentially to record US$ 48.2 million and up 109% over same year-ago quarter;
  • Operating EBITDA up 35% sequentially to record US$ 9.6 million and up 128% over same year-ago quarter;
  • Revenue guidance of at least US$ 300 million in 2012

EXIF Enables Cool Photo Stat Visualization

This is a fun one and perhaps a foreshadowing of a not-too-distant future where EXIF data in photos creates interesting and useful infographics. Here are just a few examples:


Do You Have to be a Rocket Scientist to Understand Taxonomy?

Createasphere brings us an interview with Sarah Berndt, NASA Johnson Space Center Taxonomist, about the importance of taxonomy in digital asset management.

Julie Everett on Another DAM Podcast

I can't believe it has taken me this long to mention the Henrik de Gyor and Another DAM Podcast. The latest show features an interview with Julie Everett.

Theresa Regli on Whether or Not You Should Stick with OpenText for DAM?

One of the most prominent thought leaders in the DAM space, Theresa Regli at The Real Story Group, weighs in on a popular question: "Should I Stick with Open Text?"


Twitter Shoutout of the Week

@jeroensolner -- Jeroen Solner is a sales manager for DAM Lowdown regular, ADAM Software. Jeroen appears to be new to the Twitterverse so why don't you guys all go and follow him.

As always, thanks for your time and attention. I will see you next week.

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